High School Love Story Part5 contueind

Hi guys this is part5 CONTUIEND ok good and i hope you like it i'll give you a re-cap you are at the beach with tyler and Tyler gives you a butterfly ring and then he ask's you out on a Date!

All the guys will take you on a date in part6 but will bad things come to be on this date we would never know unlesss i make 6 anyway i hope you enjoyed this quizzzz

Created by: narhacutie

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  1. Ok lets get started
  2. You go back inside and watch some tv with adam when adam speaks up "Amy i 'm really starting to think breaking up was a bad thing and i really,really like you and i hope you pick me" with that he gets up and goes outside "Hey moma" zack says moving your bangs 2 the side "nonthang papa" you guys crack up when you go outside and see the guys fighting "What is wrong chill " out you say pushing them away from eachother "Jimmy telll me what happened" you say pointing to him "This is all JAKE'S fault i just said i think amy is Sexy and he gets pissed " "ok now Tyler" "Jimmy is right jake is geting mad at everybody at least i'm not a player jimmy is'nt that much and well he is and he says he changed "Well i cold fix this problem everybody will take me on a full day date and whatever date i choose will be the one i love and if i don't pick you i will still firt ...maybe and Movie is out because zacks taking me 2 the movies saturday we clear"
  3. Then you push them all in the water "Looks like you guys needed 2 cool off" they all nod therr heads when you jump in and thats when the water fight started "im hungery" jake says "me 2" you say rubing your belly "ill be right back " jake says and runs up the board walk you lay your towel down and put taining lotion on your legs "Why are you taning your hot enough" jimmy says laughing "Need an extra hands" you look up it's Tyler "why i would you 2 put sun tain lotion on my back" he starts 2 put it on he still has water on his hand but they are smooth a soft "I'm back" jake says everyone runs for food "burger king yummy" zack says running after lunch you just lay there taning when your done you jump in the water with the guys and they all go after you but then jake picks you up and throughs you down hard water went everywerere and you all laugh hard till your stomatcs hurted "i'll be right back 2 get some soda's "zack says "i'm geting some more towels" jake laughs "i have a water raft in the car i'll be back" tyler runs inside 2 get your car keys Adam "i'll be back" and runs inside there is only you and jimmy when you were about 2 splash water on his face and pulls you to him and kiss him hard while he feels you when they all come back "Note to self never leave Amy & Jimmy alone together never" Zack says laughing {Blush} you guys laugh,chat, joke around for about 5 more hours "Woah it's geting late we should hit the showers and stuff because it's going to get dark soon " tyler says looking at his phone you all get out and dry off and go inside "Anyone hungrey" zack says "We know you are" Adam says laughing you go upstairs take your shower and put a bathrobe on and go 2 Zack's room "Hey could iuse a t-shirt " "Yea why "not he says looking in his tote bag he gives you a shirt that Says i love Cookies do You? "thxs" you say 2 zack and shut the door you go back 2 the room your sharing with tyler and put on the shirt that zack gave you and put on some shorts
  4. And brush your hair and head down stairs at dinner you eat your Rice and Chicken and ask "when will i be able 2 go back to skool" "Your at a beach trip dont worry about that" Adam says "Yea maybe in like 3 weeks or when we think you safe " Jake puts in you shurg your sholders and go upstairs you are laying down and watching re-runs of jerseyshore when jimmy comes in "I traded beds with tyler but that means i can't kiss you at all 2morrow
  5. " Thats ok" you say as jimmy lays down "i know so that means i will have 2 kiss you all night " he says laughing and you laugh back when he kissis you and turns out he's a great kisser at firts it was pecks then it was you 2 just making out when he gets on top of you and you feel his 6 pack and that just make you kiss harder you did'nt relize he only had boxers on when you break the kiss and say "Your a great kisser" you say just staring into his Dark blue eyes and you kiss him again when Zack nocks on the door "Busy" "umm....... no " you say not even looking at him "Well, i wanted 2 talk to you" he says walking in further "Well.. umm..... i'lll.... be down...stairs in a min. ok ..." you say going back into Jimmy
  6. "i have to go but ill be back" you say to jimmy you get out of the bed and walk downstairs and sit next to zack "whats up with you" "look never mind" "Well then" you say and walk up stairs jimy is still there "Back all ready " "yess" you kiss him so sweet,and loving you break it and say "night baby" you kiss him one more timme before you lay down
  7. You wake up the next moring re freshed and gloomy for what happened last night and because you have 2 leave you get dressed you put on an pink and purple bikni and a crop top that says smile and a cute demi jeans booty shorts and have your hair in a up do then you wash your face and head everything then pack your stuff up and head down stairs
  8. You get your self a bowel a cerel when tyler comes down "Have you missed me" he says pouring his self some lucky charms you walk over kiss him lightly and soft when zack walks in "It is not even 7:00 yet and your allready kissing" zack says as he takes his bowel 2 the Tv you just look at tyler "I think thats a yes" Tyler says holding his hands up "yess thats a yess" you say giving up When your down breastfest you go talk to zack to see what is wrong "I really like you but if you dont love me well then i'm out" zack says "i don't love anyone yet...wait i know whatt this is you are jelosse and made at me and jimmy" "No..." he says trying to blow it off "yes" and you just kiss him "now do i like you" "yea " you go outside and think about who
  9. You think about zack and about how all the guys are jelouse of eachother they all want you and you want them all when jimmy comes and breaks that thought "Hey amy whatcha doin out here this early" he says coming to sit next to you "nonthang....... just think about things and looking at the sun" For a while it was quite and peaceful "I can't wait for our date your going 2 love it" jimmy says still looking at the sun when you look over 2 him and sit up "So am i " you walk back in the house and go on the computer when you here the guys laughing very loud in the living room you walk down stairs everything falls slient and then..
  10. "Boooo" You jump you slap zack "srry don't you scare me like that" you say trying 2 catch your breath "Guys we have 2 leave in 4 hours 2 make sure we get home when theres light out" jake says All of you run outside in2 the waterand have the best time in your life when jimmy asks "Am i a good kisser" you all "no im a good kisser" Tyler says "umm... wait i have an idea 2 see who is better we should have an contest everyone of you will have 7 min to kiss me at the end i will choose " you say geting out of the water and puting a timer on your phone Zack your up next so Watch come jake" you get back in2 the water and start kissing him jake kissis you gently and soft sweet "ok times up" zack says "my turn" you kiss zack his is allmost like jake except its a litle harder
  11. "times up" adam says "My turn" tyler says Tyler kissis you hard 2 the bone and you love it and dont want 2 stop because it feels so good "ok thats enough TYLER I NEED SOME 2" jimmy says "Whatever" tyler says moving out of the way you put your arms aroundjimmy and kiss him dearly first it was sweet then tonge came in and you did'nt want 2 let go at all but you knew you had 2 breathe "ok it is a tie between Tyler & Jimmy
  12. "jimmy won" "Woahh we only have 1/2 hour left before we have 2 go home lets go shower up and stuff " zack says handing everyone a towel you take a shower fix your up-do put on A Red tube top with a cute jean jacket and skinnny kapris and some pumps and crab your stuff and head 2 the car And all the guys are there "Did i take 2 long" you say biting your hot pink fake nails "umm... no" zack says "Wait... JIMMY'S coming home with us" "yeaa " Adam says you sqeal you kiss all the guys and get in your hear Last friday night on the radio and all the guys try to sing it it's pretty funny before you know it your home and it's only 3:00
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