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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Aria (: ^____________________________^ LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA

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Created by: Aria

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  1. Hi there! I'm Aria, and I'll be your host for the day (:
  2. Okay, as some of you may know, I swallowed two pins. The way that happened was I was teaching @Ambrosia to sew online and i put the needle by my mouth to type something and I swallowed it by mistake. When @Ambrosia called, I told her to contact @natuhleegayle and tell her what happened.
  3. So, my mother has been informing you all through my account. I've lost a huge amount of blood but I got three blood donors who are helping me gain it back. The thing is, I'm supposed to be released tomorrow but the doctors changed their mind. I'm being released on Friday. Oh well. I'm recovering slowly as you can see but the reason why I am making this quiz is to thank people for supporting me.
  4. Firstly, to natuhleegayle. This girl has been with me throughout thick and thin, good and bad, happy and sad...you get my point. natuhleegayle was the first person who found out after Ambrosia because I knew her the longest. She's a really good friend and I think that we can always be friends until we die, which won't be very soon. =P
  5. Secondly, to my sister and best friend of all time, even though we might not be able to talk to each other in person, we will always care for each other: TheRecklessBam. Oh lawdies! How do I explain how much she means to me? She's like the sister I always wanted and never had. We're like glue, inseparable through the internet xD LOL. Hopefully, during the vacation we might get to see each other. If she can't visit my country, I'll visit hers ! ^_^ She told me she was really worried but I told her there's nothing to worried about because, I'M ALIVE ! xD TRB, you are my sister, friend and accomplice forever XD Accomplice as in if I have to do any pranking xD
  6. Now to angelic4. Seriously girl, you don't even know me but you know OF me and you were TOO KIND enough to make a quiz for me, that's just incredibly sweet! Ahhh..how do I ever repay you? *gives angelic4 a bone crushing hug* You actually made me smile with that quiz of yours xD It was funny! Anyways, Gracias & Merci XD Oh dear Merlin, I do love French and Spanish !
  7. Now, to PuffBall, OH I'm sorry for making you sad. Baby PuffBall is not supposed to be sad, NEVER BE SAD... Not even if Obama dies, or One Direction stops singing, never be sad. Wait, if Phineas and Ferb stops showing, then you can be sad because that's an awesome cartoon. Have you ever watched Batman? Young Justice? Justice League? Ben 10? Superman? Teen Titans? Powerpuff Girls? Green Latern: The Animated Series? Woow...I'm getting off track. Thank you loads for making a quiz for me! You have no idea how much that means to me (:
  8. Okay now to HogwartsLove. I know we don't usually talk but I love your quizzes, they seem so realistic and wonderful, I always get caught up in the emotions. YOU HAVE TO MAKE OLIVER PROPOSE! DO YOU HEAR ME? I LOVE OLIVER WOOD! (: Anyway, thank you a lot for making that sweet, heartmelting quiz for me. It was just tooo tooooo toooo SWEET of you (:
  9. Jaime........where to start? You seem to brighten up everyone's day with your ray of sunshine. You're just like the stars to the night and the flowers to the gardens. (: You seem to put a genuine smile on everyone's faces. Thanking you wouldn't be enough. Words can't describe how pure your heart is (: Thank you
  10. Okay, now to Allycat. How can I ever forget you? You know I'll always talk to you, even if it's a weird timing xD. You've known me personally so you know my random weird ways and my sudden outbursts about Oliver Wood/Sean Biggerstaff. Anyway, even though we don't talk constantly or often, you were wonderful enough to make a quiz for me (: That's how sweet you are! I hope that things go your way with your series and I wish you well in your upcoming challenges! You'll do great!
  11. Now to DaughterOfApollo, you said you wanted to talk to me. Just give me your email in the comments. Thank you! (:
  12. To all of you, out there, thank you for praying for me. The tiniest of things matter the most! Thank you, all of you, your prayers helped me!

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