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  • i have an idea.. i just can't seem to write it though... it' s about a demigod who goes to camp half blood and is like 17 or so... but she (or he) is never claimed by their parent... then she is sent to some other place (say another camp?) to find out who she is descended from.. she ends up developing several god's ( or goddess's) powers and needs help controling them ( say lightning but no thunder, breathe underwater but no talking to horses, stuff like that) you can pick and choose your favorite powers and create either another god or goddess or a totally different thing. the possibilities are endless so you can decide on the final things

  • When I first saw the tittle, I thought it was my name: DaughterOfApollo. XD.

    What I do to try and get rid of my writer's block, is to listen to a lit of music, laying on my hammock helps, so does walking my dogs (or walking in general), and just being outside helps me. But, I think music helps me a lot. "Starships" by Nicki Minaj gave me an idea to my story "The Lightning Girl" and thunderstorms helped me come up with that idea. "Wild Ones" by Flo Rida ft. Sia helped me write a part in "Apollo's Curse" and "The Cursed One". Walking my dogs got me to come up with the idea "Something Weird" and so did being outside and watching Supernatural. "A Thousand Years" by Christinna Perri helped me come up with my new story "Night Rider" while I was in Tennessee.

    All of your ideas sound great. Just try not to give up on them once when you started. Hope this helped with your writers block :).

  • Hello, DaughterofPoseidon.

    I hate having writer's block. I sort of have one right now added in with laziness and minor sadness. Now this may be all my opinion and personal thought so don't take any of this in the wrong way, if it may offend. Not that I want to.

    I personally don't like fanfiction, or series dedicated to book characters. I do have exceptions but not much. That is because for certain books, you have certain people who like them/read them/enjoy them. Then, there are the people who don't read them/like them. I'm not really sure how to say it but that is sort of limiting in a way. Goodness my brain is getting jumbled up. I think I'll get back to this. The main reason why I am not the biggest fan of fanfiction is because the author just bends the whole story. I am one of those people who like things the way they are and to accept them, the story ending, the plot, the little minor details. And I'm not sure about how I feel if the story is drastically different. It has to be or it's just a copy of the book. All the twist and turns might not end up in a secure knot and it is difficult to write fanfiction. I don't exactly enjoy my feelings being changed about the characters. Gah...this all doesn't make any sense.

    So in all truth, I love original ideas because you start off with a foundation block, and it gradually thickens into something much deeper. I think you should go with the second idea. I'm a major sucker for romance. Hint hint. Haha but make sure the girls are old enough ;)

    I would have some ideas for you but I think this is up to you to think of ideas. Certain people might not get to you because what makes sense to them might not make sense to you. Also, in my opinion, I wouldn't accept ideas from others because I always fear I might disappoint them. You get that pressure sometimes?

    Good luck :)

  • Hey DaughterOfPoseidon! I think all 3 of your ideas sounded cool, even though I haven't read the mount Olympus book. I especially like the "Through The World and Back" idea. I would so read that! As for ideas, I'm not sure of the genre, but when you are writing, try to envision what the girls point of view is, especially from the 9 year old's. I just woke up, so I may comment later when my brain is fully functioning ;-D. But as for writers block, that sucks, I hate that!!! So try reading some books that relate to what your going to be writing about. For instance, when you write Through The World And Back, I suggest reading The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau, if your brain is still blocked. As I said, I don't know the genre, but reading related books helps me get over writers block. Just a suggestion. Good luck!!

  • Awwww thanks so much! It's really nice to get a shout-out. Love you always, lol. Anyway, it stinks that you have writer's block, I get it sometimes, and Meg(DaughterofApoll o) is right, a lot of the time it helos to listen to music. At least it helps me......Good luck!


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