Heart Breaking isn't a crime, is it? Part 3

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Hey guys! It's BAAACCCKKKK!! Don't you just love the fact that I've brought this back? Blame HL ( Houndlover) lol. Without them begging me to, I probably would have moved on to another billion series.

So, I'd like to thank Houndlover, of course. You practically deserve this series to be dedicated to you, so that's what I'm doing -- dedicating it to you. * sticks out tongue *

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

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  1. Sweat trickled across my forehead, each droplet that formed plopping directly down onto my smoky eyelashes, my once perfect cat-eyes now dripping down my cheeks. Dang it, I knew I shoulda wore water-proof makeup. " We could have had it all, Miss Rosant." A furious Cash grumbled into my earlobe, slightly muffled by his cracked breaths. " I already told you I don't want anything from you. Now let me go, and I might not kill you." my voice roared evenly, his glass-blue eyes locked onto mine like magnets.
  2. " We've discussed this, Claire. You either do as I wish, or your petty guy friends suffer " " I have no friends." I remarked, glancing at the nets of wrinkles that gathered at the corners of his glazed eyes. " Cute. I know you have a friend. Marty, was it?" " Martin." I corrected, a tear landing on my knees as I forced my eyes to wander away from his. " He's dead."
  3. His dry cackle echoed throughout the chamber room, a shiver running down my spine as he gave a sly smirk. " Ah, yes. My condolences. Not. Did you really believe that fool was gone?" he asked, my heart fluttering fiercely. " He's alive?!" " Easy there, gorgeous. Yes, Mr Martinez is alive and well. Actually, I believe the two of you are scheduled to meet in, oh -- twenty minutes." he yawned. I immediately dragged my body upward, the chains around my wrists clinking together as I grabbed a hold of his wrist. " What are you d--" he began, his face flushing as I gave him a thankful kiss, our lips melding together.
  4. My heart practically swan-dived down into the pit of my stomach as I continued to let my lips touch his, the movements slow and thought out. " Cash, he's ready." Jayces voice called out from the hall, our lips slowly lingering over each other. " You ready?" Cash whispered. " Y-yeah."
  5. White tattered cloth hung from my shoulders, the fabric loosely wrapped around my lower back falling down to my upper thighs. Cash slowly brushed back a strand of my knotted blonde hair, letting it hang behind my ear as he took hold of my hand, jerking me off the cobblestone floor. " Cheer up, buttercup. Your precious boyfriend won't want to see you so sad." he suggested, nudging me forward towards a steel door, my fingers loosely wrapped around the iron handle.
  6. *** Martin Martinez ***Metal chains kissed my ashen skin as they dragged me across the linoleum flooring, demanding I follow them. Something about my deceased girlfriend, Claire. Don't they know how broken they're making me? She was all I ever had and I was all she had. We were each others sunshine. To be truthful, I missed her so much, it scared me at times. " I don't believe you." a feminine voice cried out from around the corner. " You should, Claire. He's just around the corner. Go check for yourself if you don't believe me." Cash's voice taunted, small footsteps pattering across the floor. I sucked in a breath of air through my teeth as a small blonde girl crept over to me, her eyes falling on my crumpled body. It was really her -- Claire Rosant.
  7. *** Claire ***Blood trickled across his right cheek, a deep gash running across his perfect jawline. The smell of death hit my face as I stumbled closer, his eyes rimmed in red, probably from previous torture. " C-Claire?" his dry voice rasped. " M-Martin?" I whimpered, my bottom lip trembling as I fell to my knees and crawled over to his frail body, unaware of our audience. " I've always loved a reunion, especially when it's for the last time." Cash cackled, my blue eyes widening as he staggered over with a blade in his palms.
  8. " Cash, w-what a-are you d-d-doing!?" I trembled, my stomach churning as he bent over Martin, slowly dragging the cold blade across his raw, tarnished flesh, my heart dropping as blood droplets began to leap upon his flesh. " You didn't think I'd let you have him back for real, did you?" " Please! He's all I have!" I whimpered. " Correction. All you had." he cackled, driving the blade into Martin's heart.
  9. *** Martin ***The dagger pierced through my flesh, a bloodcurdling scream escaping my throat, dried tears coming back to life as I watched Claire sob shamelessly. " No! Martin! M-Martin! P-please s-stay with me! You're all I have! Y-you're a-all I n-need." she cried, resting her head in the pool of blood surrounding my chest. " C-c-Claire... I-i-I w-want you t-to c-continue on. I w-won't do you a-any g-good in this s-state. F-find a good m-man to love. L-love him.... F-for me." I croaked. " Be h-h-Happy." I rasped.
  10. *** Claire ***" NO! Martin! M-m-m-Martin... Pl-please, don't go! I c-can't be happy without y-you!" " P-promise me y-y-you will. Promise me." he pled through tears, his marbled eyes glassy as he began to lose what little life he had left. " I.. I promise Martin. I promise." I whispered into his ear, giving his lips one last tender kiss, sniveling as his lips went limp.
  11. Fingertips slowly ran across his frosty skin, the ice in my soul slowly melting away, the walls I'd built up slowly crumbling down. He was gone. My love.... He was gone. For real this time. Tears gingerly flew down my cheeks as I looked up into Cash's eyes, his smirk slowly fading away as he saw my heart practically breaking. " C-Claire.. I did this for you. It was what I had to do."
  12. My eyes bored into his as I turned my body to face him, every single one of my limbs shaking from my rage. " I hate you! I hate you so much, it's not even funny! You killed my boyfriend. YOU. KILLED. MY. BOYFRIEND. Are you psychotic!?" I roared, his teeth gnashing together in fear as I stumbled to my feet, caressing the blade he had carelessly left scattered across the flooring. This is it. Revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge.
  13. " No! Please! Claire! He was going--" he hollered fearfully, crawling into a ball on the floor as I swiftly jerked the blade through his heart. " to kill you...." he whispered slowly, blood pouring from his mouth as he gasped for air. " Why!? Why would he do that? He loved me!" " B-because C-C-Claire, he... I'm y-y-your step-brother." he breathed, cradling my face as I began to sob violently. I'd killed my step-brother.
  14. My heart began to ache unbearably as his lips quivered upwards, tears falling down his cheeks. " You killed me." he whispered into my ear, before dying.
  15. " How did it -- what in the hell happened in here!!?" Ryan's voice shattered my concentration, his eyes falling on the dead bodies and the blade by my leg. " R-ryan.. I didn't know. I didn't. He.... He killed him." I whispered, crawling over to his feet, tears in my eyes as he scooped me into his arms and embraced me warmly. " Let it all out." he murmured into my hair, my face pressed against his chest as I sobbed loudly, staining his polo with tears. " I'm an idiot, aren't I?" I said. " No. You're too sweet to be an idiot. Let me take you back. Back to safety."
  16. *** CLIFFHANGER ***

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