HBMS 7th Grade Class Quiz

Seventh grade class: a hurricane of crazies, weirdos and fighting. If you know what we're doing, we'll get the AV crew to start tracking you...and you should fear that for sure, because we are SCA-RY! (just kidding)

How much do you know about us? How many secrets have you unlocked? We're not going to watch you unless you are correct...or are we LYING? (just kidding again..maybe)

Created by: Asakuun D. of Profile:Asakuun
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  1. For starters: what grade levels are in the HBMS
  2. Which class is best?
  3. COD?
  4. Most annoying grade levels?
  5. The Tinies:
  6. Epic...
  7. Robert Y. The Second?
  8. Twins in the grade:
  9. Pod
  10. WKUK
  11. Dominant gender?
  12. Adam D.
  13. How many Adams?
  14. Bloons Tower Defense 4?
  15. Racist teacher?
  16. The dumbest kid in school is...
  17. Spanish teacher called G - _____
  18. Annoying people:
  19. Honors math learns _-grade level math.
  20. Everyone is listening to ____ right now...
  21. Weirdos:
  22. MORE weirdos:
  23. Por fin, este es el fin del examencito.

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