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Scary things can happen, anywhere. Well I think. But haunted houses are fun but can be alittle troubling. You dont even know if your gonna survive or not.

So please take this quiz. Dont take this quiz for granted or anything. This is for Relaxation, pleasure, and quicnhing boredom. And I know this quiz might be lame but atleast rate and comment.

Created by: AnimePhan

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  1. You and your friends find a creeky, painted black house, Your friend go in You....
  2. Your friend, Terezi goes in the kitchen and see's a puddle of red stuff. And idioticlly he can be he tasted it. All of a sudden the lights flicker on and off! Your other friends, Glinda, Benny, Alex, and Kara gasp as they see terezi's skeleton in the puddle of blood. You all run and scream and you make it to a corridor of doors. 1# door with teardrop 2# door with a knife covered with blood 3# door with rainbow. Then a mysterious guy appears and his skin is gray and wearing an old hotel busboy outfit. He whispered ' choose carefully' so creepy it gave you the shivers. The busboy creeps over to one of your pretty friends Glinda he touches her hair and she has a frightened face. She slaps his hands away and he laughs while walking into the shadows. After that, you and your left over friends Pick a door... You pick...
  3. Either door you take, You enter a simply dinner room with tea cups, and a tea pot of tea and people in the chairs. Kara simply touched one of the strangers. It fell and flopped on the floor, guess their dead. Then one quick second the busboy from before appeared with a yellowing wedding dress, covered with dirt, spider webs, bugs, and dry blood and gave it to Glinda. Your simply to..beautiful... please come with me. Glinda had a face saying "gross". Kara looked glad to not get hit on. Benny looked impatient. And alex was eating some of his candy. The busboy had anger in his eyes he forced Glinda's hand and laughed creepily and took her in the shadows and her gushes and screams and then it suddendly stopped. You and Alex, Kara, and Benny ran past the dinner table with dead people and saw an exit sign and went thru the door. But it went into a hall. You saw a girl with a super long hair and a red bow she was painting "help me" with blood. then she glared at us and stood up and Glinds came from the closet on the right. She looked wayy different. She was wearing the wedding dress, she had black lipstick on, she looked gray and her hair was in her face. her eyes looked black. She took the little girls hand and walked into the dark part of the hall. All of a sudden a hand appears with a knife and stabs all of your friends, and takes them in the shadows you shiver. Then you see a bag full of weapons. You take..
  4. Once you take your choice of weapon, you continue yoir journey. You hear your phone ring and your startled by the noise but reliefed, you reach in your trick and treat bag and grab your phone. You pick up, its your Mom Mom: Where are you sweetie! It's 1:00 a.m I'm so worried You: Umm... We were watching a scary movie. Yeah..heh... Mom: Okay honey but how do you explain the time.!? You: I forgot, was to into the movie. But I'll see ya in atleast 20 minutes.. or maybe... Mom: What you mean may- You hang up spontansly on your mom. You enter the shadows of where your deceased friends, and glinda and the little girl went. you hear sounds you turn around you and you use your weapon. Then Glinda, The little girl, busboy, and your friends are there. Your friends looked zombified. They knock you out and the next 5 minutes you wake up, tied up to a chair and your mouth is duck-taped. Glinda is holding, a sledgehammer and points it to your next. Then she whispers ' You'll now become one of us' You scream and try to get out the rope. But you give up, then you get a flashback of home much fun you had this year and you dont wanna lose your life, to one of your best friends. You felt the anger pile up, and the rope starts getting of of you. You flip over glinda and grab the sledgehammer and tie her up. You throw up the sledgehammer and you say 'Any last words' Glinda had that same frightened face and said " dont do this to your own best friend.... but you could here the dishonest tone in her voice. You say" Well then THIS IS SPARTA! You eventually Re-kill glinda and splatter of blood appear. You grab your bag and you stop into the little girl and you glare at her and you slap her and say you have no time for this. the girl cries. You then make it to the Pool area. You see one of your friends on it, and she was the one that patched where she got stabbed. It was Kara. She was drowning. You had to go help her, you took of your shoes and jumped in there. You see the little girl again and the girl grabs your foot and keeps you under the water You.....
  5. The girl someone dies and floats at the bottom, with air you have left you grab Kara's body and make back on the land. You cough and gasp for air and your air levels go backs to normal. Kara coughs and throws up water. Kara hugs you and she was wearing a red bridesmaids dress. But she was naked and she needed some clothes. You and her go back inside and go find her costume. She found her costume and put it on and you guys continue to find the exit. Then you guys tripp over a body and found out it was benny. He was still alive. You and kara ask if your okay amd stuff. He said I'm alright firmly to You and blushed and stummered when answering kara. You hand asneaky suspinsion Benny likes Kara all this years. You and Kara help him up and have to carry him cause he got stabbed in the legs. Benny: Hey kara can I ask you something Kara: Sure! Benny: I hid all my feelings from you and I wanted to ask you... Would you be my girlfriend. Kara: Hmm.. Idk..Maybe.. If we even make it our alive You: Yeah even if we do. Kara: *blush* Shush ______ You: whatever -rolls eyes and smiles- I'm just so glad you guys are alive. You guys are halfway to the exit. Just then Alex appears with The busboy. Busboy: stop right there. You and your friends had enough of the creepiness. You and your friends..
  6. Just as you get to the exit, there was a clock. 15 minutes has past and you guys needed a ride home. You call your mom and she's on her way. You guys are at the exit but... (Your results will tell ya)
  7. Thanks guys, I know this quiz might me lame... and yeah. I'm a novice here. So dont expect it to be all fun and SPECTACULAR. Jeez. Yeah and in Part 2 Kara,Benny get married and You are grown up. Glinda is still in the haunted house and just on halloween your kids and kara and benny's are friends and continue. Rate or comment. Okay! Bye.
  8. Yeah need 12 or more questions, soo...Lets ask random questions that have no effect whats so ever. WHATS YOUR FAV COLOR?
  9. Whats your fav nintendo console?
  10. Last but not least. Whats your fav food.
  11. Wait actual last one. Favorite candy.

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