Are you haunted?

Are YOU haunted by ghosts? Find out in this awesome, kick-butt, thorough, modest(LOL), quiz. Hope you love it! Thanks for taking it. Comment and rate too!

Be careful. If you are, in fact, haunted you need to make sure it's not an evil haunt or you could have some life-and-death problems on your hands, sorry.

Created by: weirdo1
  1. Do you experience recurring dreams/nightmares?
  2. Do you ever suddenly get chilly and shivery for absolutely no reason?
  3. Have you ever seen a strange, milky whitish fog? (Not after it rains)
  4. Do you even believe in ghosts?
  5. Did you know anyone close to you who has died?
  6. Do you ever hear odd, unexplained noises, especially when you're all alone or when it's nighttime?
  7. Do you ever see things others would put you in a metal institution for?
  8. Do you think you've ever seen a ghost?
  9. Which scares you the most?
  10. Has anything strange or unexplained happened to you? Especially when you're alone or it's nighttime?

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Quiz topic: Am I haunted?