Harry PotterLove Story Part 4inspired by Natuleegayle.

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i woke up at 3 in the morning just to write this part! I had a dream about this part so after it was done I woke up and got on my computter to write it!

Hope you like this part! It's kinda short, but I'm pretty sure you'll like it. This is the end of Year three. Watch out for year 4! Coming soon! GIRLS ONLY!

Created by: sam singer17

  1. Hello there! Out of 5 tries I finally remembered to add Seamus and Cedric to the results! Yay! Anyways, to all the Oliver fans, he won't be here for a while. Don't forget to read the summary above Please!
  2. You gazed out the window and looked at the sun setting on the horizon of the black lake. The beautiful colors of the sky reflected off the lake making a beautiful scenery. You looked at Fred and George, smiling a bright smile you haven't showed since you were a baby."There it is, that beautiful smile of yours." said George. That made you blush a little."Seriously it's the most beautiful smile I've ever seen."said Fred, staring straight into your eyes. You turned around, stopped smiling and said,"Fred, George not that isn't really nice but, um I'm gonna go to the quidditch field to see Oliver and um practice." When you were halfway out the door, the twins blocked the exit."Guys, I'm serious, let me out." you said pushing them out of the way. They frowned and got out of your way. As you were walking, Ron stopped you."______, can we please talk?" he asked sounding desperate. You nodded your head and said,"Sure, just make it quick." He smiled and said,"_______ I know it was because of me that your with Oliver now. But now, I'm starting to regret what I did. I regret it because... I love you _______ _______. From the first day we me t on the train. I've loved you with all my heart..." He trailed off like he was thinking. Then he pulled you close and kissed you on the lips. You pushed him away."Ronald Bilius Weasly! Why the (No bad language) did you do that?!" He frowned and said,"______, please tell me, did you feel anything? Please say yes." You shook your head and said,"Ron, I-I'm sorry but I didn't feel anything. But one thing (One Direction! That's tight yo! Whoo!) I need from you is to walk me to the quidditch field. When I got bonked on the head with a ball and got knocked out from loosing blood I kind of, erm, forgot where it was." Ron forced a smile and started to walk. You stayed where you were standing. Ron turned around and said,"You want to go to the quidditch field to meet Oliver or not?" You ran after him and he started walking again. You never noticed 'til now that Ron's leg was now, better.
  3. When you got there, before you got into the light of the sun on the field, Ron put his arm out so you wouldn't be able to go out."Ron, let me go out." you said angrily. He shook his head."______, I don't think you want to see what is happening on the field right now." He said looking at something. You pushed his arm out of the way and stepped out onto the field. Your eyes filled with tears of dreadfulness and pain of a throbbing heart. For what your eyes had seen was, Oliver making out with Cho. You dropped down on your knees and tears began to roll down your cheeks. They burned more than when you cut your hands with glass. Ron tried helped you up, but you pushed him away. You got up, grabbed Oliver, pinned him against the wall and put your wand to his right temple. Your eyes were still filled with tears."_______! What the (Watch your language)?!" he said sounding rather scared. Cho furiously bung your head against the wall. You fell to the ground moaning in pain. Cho smiled and Oliver helped you up. You pushed him away. Ron came next to you and pulled you away. Your head was in so much pain. When you got back inside you bung into Harry."Ron, what happened?" he asked. Ron told Harry what had happened only a few minutes ago. Then Oliver came running towards you. (Finally got the right spelling! I'm so smart!)"________! Are you okay?" he asked while wiping some of your tears away. You slapped his hand away and said,"Don't touch me! Leave me alone! You mother friken cheater! I thought you loved me, but I guess I was wrong. I mean seriously, you really convinced me with your sweet act! But really, you loved Cho and not me! Did you actually just lie to me about your date with Cho? Were you just pretending to think that you would ask me on a date to Hogsmeade and ask me out? Congratulations you got the girl and lost her in a day. You know actually made me think that your love was real! But what you were really thinking was, look a helpless little girl. Oh I know let me take advantage of her and pretend to like her! I friken hate you! I never want to see you again!" Oliver's eyes filled with tears as he said," _______ I really am sorry. But if that's what you really want, I will stay out of your way. Let us just have our last kiss, please." You wiped away your tears and he wiped his. He pulled you close and you kissed him. You savored this kiss, for this was the last time you would see him because only a few more days and he will no longer attend Hogwarts and you will have to go back to your dreaded family. You pulled back, put your arms around the back of his neck and said,"Oliver, I know you like Cho so go with her instead. One thing I ask from you is if I could go to your house for this summer, just as friends. But I still hate your friken guts." He rolled his eyes and nodded his head. Ron and Harry were gone by the time you stopped paying attention to Oliver. You felt blood dripping down the temple of your head. You released your grip on Oliver. You quickly wiped away the blood."You okay?" Oliver asked. You shook your head and quickly made your way to the hospital wing. When you were halfway there you just collapsed. Your eyes closed, but you could still feel somebody carrying you.
  4. When you woke up your bandage had been replaced and Neville was at your side holding your hand, asleep. You smiled weakly and looked out the window. You could see the star, star perfectly. You closed your eyes and tried to remember the first lovely moment you had with Oliver."I call it the star, star." you heard Oliver's voice echo in your head."Hey _______, you thinking of your boyfriend?" Draco said. You quickly opened your eyes and looked around hoping you would see him. You realized you were wearing the bracelet. You smiled and replied to him,"It's around midnight and you're still awake? And Oliver... is my ex-boyfriend." "Well I was up thinking about yo- I mean Pansy was keeping me up with her dreadfulness and I know you two broke up. I just wanted to see if it was true." he said sounding sleepy. You smiled and replied, "Draco if you're feeling sleepy you can go to sleep. I'll talk to you in the morning. Good night." After that he did not reply. You looked over at Neville and brushed your fingers through his messy hair. You sat up and kissed Neville's forehead. Suddenly his eyes opened and he said,"_____, you're okay. You were knocked out for 3 days I thought you would have to stay here all summer in a coma." You brushed your fingers through his hair once more and said,"Don't worry Neville; no matter what happens to me, I won't be out for too long. That's a promise I may break but I'll try my best to keep it." you kissed his forehead and he blushed. You got up and went up to the window. Tears began to roll down your cheek looking at the stars in the sky. The last time you looked at them you were with Oliver. Neville walked next to you and put his arm around the back of your neck."Beautiful night isn't it?" Neville said smiling and gazing at the stars in the sky. You nodded your head and tears rolled down your cheek faster. Neville looked at you and asked,"What's wrong? Is it Oliver?" You looked at him teary eyed and nodded your head. He wiped away most of the tears and said,"Don't worry, you have all of the others, including me, to watch over you." you smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He looked at you and smiled."You better go now Neville, tell the others I'm fine." you said going back to the bed. Neville nodded his head and headed to the Gryffindor house. You got under the covers and went to sleep.
  5. {Dream} You were in the hallway when Ron kissed you. The image faded away and You were with Ron on the day you were with him at Hogsmeade. When he kissed you. You heard a voice saying, "Keep your eyes open and see what's in front of you. Your mind shall play tricks, but don't ignore your feelings. Keep your love alive and keep your heart in safe hands. Watch before you "he" has done to you. The image of Oliver kissing Cho popped up in front of you. "He may seem like a wonderful and romantic prince, but take reality and combine it with him. This is what you get." the voice said. Suddenly it was all black. You were in a black dress side by side with Voldemort. "Never give in to what life will throw at you. Always remember that your friends are there for you." The voice said. Everything faded away and all that was left was you as one of Voldemort's minions. (Black dress, short black curly hair, a black arm thingy with grey stripes and the dark mark on your visible arm, and red eyes instead of grey. Yeah, you all think I'm stupid for spelling the color gray as grey.){End}
  6. {The Day you leave} You put all of your stuff into your trunk and make your way to the Slytherin door. When you get there you see Draco waiting. You gave him a very tight and long hug. he smiled and said,"Don't take that bracelet off so we can talk whenever you want. So, you can talk to me when you get tired of Wood. Okay?" You laughed and nodded your head. Side by side to the station at Hogsmeade. When you got on the train you said bye to Draco and tried to find Oliver. While you were looking, you looked inside one cart and saw Jimmy. You were shocked and took a second look. He was gone and instead there were a bunch of sixth years. You shook your head and looked for Oliver. You then tripped and nearly fell on your face, fortunately Somebody caught you."Just like the beginning of the year right?" you heard a familiar Scottish voice say. You rolled your eyes and said,"Whatever Oliver. I really don't care." right before you stepped into the cart Harry grabbed your arm and said,"_____, when we get back, on the Hogsmeade trip can you go with Ron and I?" you nodded your head and Oliver grunted and pushed you into the cart." You with Cho now Oliver? I hope you're happier with her than you were with me." you said after a long period. He looked at you and said,"Yes I'm with her but I'm not as happy as I was with you." You looked out the window hoping the trip would end soon."Um, Oliver I've decided that... I'm just going to stay at my house with my so called "mom". Okay?" you said with a sad facial expression. He shook his head and said,"No I'm not going to let you go home and only have a piece of toast everyday. The twins told me when I told them that I liked you." You took out the bag of sour worms and ate one of the green apple worms and put it back in your pocket.(those are for when you are hungry, from the first part.) You looked out, across and into the other cart. Cho was glaring at you and you could tell that she wanted to murder you right now. Oliver realized what you were looking at and went over to the next cart and sat next to her. You were alone in the cart, just like you've always been... alone. You sighed and sat on the ground so no one would see. You hugged your knees to your chest and began to cry. You couldn't take the dreaded pain in your chest and your head was still aching. Your life was over. No one really loved you. You wiped your eyes, put on some shades(So no one would notice you were crying)and got back up onto your seat. You decided to switch carts so you took your bags and tried to find Fred and George, the only two who understood you.
  7. On the way you bung into Cedric and fell on your arse. "He helped you up and said, just like Christmas right?" You smiled and gave him a really big hug. "Whoa, _____. This isn't the last time you're seeing me. I'll see you next year." he said trying to breath. You giggled and pulled away. "It's just that I'll miss you a bunch. I just wanted one last hug." you said trying your best not to cry. You waved and started to walk again. Somebody grabbed your arm, you knew it was Seamus because he had been trying to be friends with you since the whole Christmas thing. You turned around and hugged him. "I'll miss you Seamus. See you around." you released him and began your search for Fred and George. You finally found them in the same cart as first year. You opened the door and asked, "Hi, the rest of the seats are full may I sit here?" They smiled and said the same thing they did on the first day," Sure! Jinx! Double Jinx. Triple Jinx!" You rolled your eyes and sat down."So if Oliver is being such a jerk why don't you come stay at our house instead, little girl?" George asked as he and Fred got up and sat next to you. Then Oliver came in and Oliver came in and said,"Because Oliver won't let her and she's the one that asked me. Also, he wants to protect her and not let her get hurt by anything." You rolled your eyes."You don't even care about me Oliver! You never did! You pretend you do, but in reality you don't! So what if I go to the Weasly's house instead?! You would only miss Cho and not me! She's your bloody girlfriend, so why don't ask her to stay?! Look, can't we just stay good friends.?" He quickly pulled you close to him and said,"Because I'll miss you even more." then he kissed you. You pushed him away."Oliver what the bloody hell?! You have a girlfriend! I don't care if this is the last time I'm seeing you! We are staying just good friends and that is final. Adieu Monsieur Oliver." you said furiously. These were the words that were coming out but what you're thinking is,"I know you care about me, but you're with Cho. Be with her, you'll be happier. I love you and take care. I know I will never see you again, but it's better this way." Oliver left and slammed the door shut. You looked at the twins Teary eyed (behind the shades not letting the tears fall) and said, "You know what? I am going with you instead of that dilweed." The twins cheered which made you laugh. You figured that your eyes were no longer puffy so you took off the shades. Just then Harry,Hermione, Ron, and Neville came in and sat down. Fred and George smiled and looked at Ron. "Ronnie boy a certain girl with black hair and grey eyes will be staying over during the summer." Fred and George said in a unison. You put the shades back on and put your hoodie on to cover your shot black hair. "Yep I'm staying at the Weasly resort this summer, yay!" you said happily. Ron smiled but tried to hide it. Neville grabbed your arm and took you outside. Worried looking he whispered, "_____, are you crazy? What are you going to do when they find out you're going to you know where?!" Just then Draco whispered, " Yes _____, what will you do when you get the welcoming letter from Beauxbatons. ?" he stood next to you and Neville. Neville looked at him confused. "What didn't _____ tell you about the bracelet?" he asked. You jiggled the bracelet and Neville remembered you told him the day you got it. "I already got that figured out. When the time comes I will always be the first one up and get the letter when it comes. Now let's all go our separate ways." you said sounding pretty confident. You went back inside the cabin. "What was that about and why was Malfoy there?"Harry asked. "We had to figure out how to contact each other during the summer." you said confident. A few minutes later the train stopped and you arrived at the station. You gave Hermione, Neville and Harry one last good bye hug. You grabbed your things and walked with Fred, George and Ron to meet Mrs. Weasly.
  8. When you saw her she said, "Hello deary, are you friends with my sons? What has happened to your head?" You smiled and said, "Yes Mrs. Weasly, I'm friends with your delightful sons. Also, I got this injury from getting hit in the head by a ball in the head during a quidditch game. The boys have some news for you." She smiled and said, "Oh really? Out with it then boys!" Ron, who was standing the closest to you said, "These two block heads agreed to let her stay at our house because of her mean, muggle, step mother and the fact that she was supposed to stay at her ex- boyfriend's house. But he was too blind to see that she is a beautiful girl so he cheated on her so she's staying at our house." You blushed when he called you beautiful. You took off your your shades and revealed your grey eyes. "One more thing mom, once every month she has to, go visit her mother and father's grave." Ron said as he remembered that you were a werewolf. Mrs. Weasly smiled and said, "Well, welcome to our family _____."
  9. {At the Weasly House Hold} Ron showed you to your room, which was located next to his. "It used to be Bill's but he's in Romania. If you need anything I'll be next door." he said. "Hey Ron, can I tell you something?" you said before he left. He turned around and said, "Sure you can tell me anything." He sat down next to you on the bed. You put your hand over his and said, "Remember when you kissed me and asked if I felt anything?" Ron looked down and said, "Of course you said you didn't feel a thing." You lifted his head up and kissed him. Just then Percy walked in. He cleared his throat and said, "Am interrupting anything?" You and Ron pulled away. "Sorry, I had a little trouble breathing, Ms. Pomfrey said it might happen because of my head injury." you said to make up an excuse. Percy nodded, walked out, and shut the door. You looked at Ron and he looked at you. You just couldn't hold it in you started to laugh like crazy. Ron, through the laughing said, "Trouble breathing because of a head injury? Nice one." You smiled and flipped your hair, "One of my many natural talents. Thank you very much Ron." Just then George and Fred came running in. Both of them fell straight on their faces which made you laugh even harder. They got up quickly. The both ran around in a circle which made you get confused. "Try to guess who is who. Who is Fred Who's George." one of them said as they stopped. You got up and studied the both of them. You got really close to one of their faces and said, "This one is Fred and the other is George." They both frowned an said, "How did you know?" You smiled and said, "Like I tell everyone, it's one of my many talents." They both sat down on the bed with Ron. "Um, privacy please!" you yelled as you shewed the twins out of the room. You went back to sitting next to Ron. "The point is I did feel something but, I ignored it. Back then I just thought it was just me rushing to see Oliver. But I started to think about it a lot during the second time I was knocked out. You can thank Cho for that. But, don't thank her." you said changing the tone of your voice during every sentence.
  10. Ron smiled and said, "So you did feel something." You said, "Ron, yes. I did feel something." His smile grew wider and he asked, "_____, will you please be my girlfriend?" You smiled and said, "Oh My Gosh! Bien sí»r, je serai votre petite amie! N'étiez-vous pas l'écoute de ce que j'ai dit? Oui!" Ron looked at you confused. "Oh sorry, bad habit. What I was going to say was, Oh My Gosh! Of course, I'll be your girlfriend! Were you not listening to what I said? Yes!" you said sounding excited. Ron took your hand and kissed it. "Je t'aime."(I love you) he said. You blushed. "You've been trying to learn haven't you?" you said delighted. He nodded and said, "I've been working on that line since you started to speak fluent French." You blushed more and kissed him. Just then Mr. Weasly knocked you the door and you two separated . He came in and said, "Hello, I'm Ron's dad. It's nice to meet you. The boys are talking about you a bunch. They also tell me you live with muggles." You squeezed Ron's hand as the image of that dreadful woman popped up in your mind. "Ow." Ron whispered. You released your tight grip and said, "Sorry, love." Mr. Weasly looked at you surprised. "Oh, are you two together?" Both you and Ron Looked at each other embarrassed and nodded. Mr. Weasly smiled and left the room. You looked and Ron and said, "Oops?". You yawned and lied down on the bed. "You feeling sleepy? I'll wake you up when supper is ready." Ron said as he left the room. You nodded and closed your eyes. You took a deep breath and drifted into the world of slumber.
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  13. Hey! Hope you liked this part, I know it's short but I started to work on it at 3 in the morning. I know what you're thinking "Wow she's a hard worker!" I thank you for thinking that. The funny thing is that I fell asleep a few times. It was kind of funny. Well, Oliver won't be here for a while. What will Ron do when he finds out you're going to Beauxbatons? Will your relationship live? Will he break your heart? What will the others do? The next few parts will be from all the other guys POV's, so keep an eye out for that! Bye! XStayLovelyX

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