Harry Potter story quiz part 3

There isn't much to say in this paragraph, so I'm just going to ramble on about Panem! at the disco (a Hunger Games version of a band- actually Panic! at the disco)

Errm... Yeah. The first paragraph says it all. But basically the results will be completely pointless so you can ignore them. If you have any other ideas for results, tell me please. I'm kinda dead at the minute. Well, not literally dea, that'd be impossible.

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  1. When you wake up the next morning, your dorm is already full of the sounds of girls getting dressed. You run to get a free spot in the bathroom, which is normally impossible until classes have started. By the time you are ready, almost everyone has gone. You rush to the great hall, and start speed-eat your breakfast. "Hey, _____!" It's Ron. "Can't talk. Eating." you manage to say in between gulps of food. "Professor McGonagall asked me to give you this." You look vaguely puzzled, until Ron says, "It's nothing special, just your timetable."
  2. “Oh, okay then.” you say. Ron stands beside you for a while, looking slightly awkward. “So… Erm… How’s life?” Ron asks you. “Chomp...Fine. You?” You have discovered that speed-eating and talking at the same time doesn’t really work unless the aim is to spew food everywhere.
  3. “Erm… Okay, I think.” There is another awkward silence. “Well… I think that I’d better be going then.” “See you soon. Sorry for not being able to make much conversation- I’m a little late.” “Right. See you.”
  4. Once you have finished eating, you stand up and look at your timetable. "Divination first? where the blinking heck is that? It says the north tower..." you think aloud. Everyone has already left to their classes, so there's no-one that you can follow. You curse under your breath. "Darn drat bleep. Now how do I get to there?" You begin making your way up to the north tower. Eventually, you find yourself at a dead end. "What? But that can't be right." You sigh. "Charming." Suddenly you have a flash of inspiration. "Why don't I go and see if I can see another way in from outside? That should work."
  5. You run down the stairs. "Come on come on come on..." Suddenly you crash into someone. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" "Ugh, watch where you're going, Mudblood." "I'll have you know I'm a "pureblood", thanks." you say icily. You look up to see who you bashed into. "Oh. It's you, Draco. I thought that everyone was meant to be in class." "I thought that too." He says, with the same amount of icyness as you. You could practically see the icicles dropping off his words. "Do you happen to know where the Divination classroom is?" "No. Isn't it in the north tower? I'd hae thought that Potter and his cronies would have told you. I saw them heading up that way just a couple of minutes ago." Draco points in the direction that you just came from. "But that's impossible! It's a dead end!" "Say what you want, this is Hogwarts, the only place in the world where it's possible to have classes in dead ends and fall through stairs." He says wryly, spreading his arms wide. "Charming. Thanks for not helping." "It was my pleasure. I'd better be heading off to Transfiguration." "Then what the heck are you doing here? Transfiguration's MILES away!" Draco taps his nose slyly. "For me to know, for you to find out." As he walks off, he shouts back to you, "My offer still stands, you know." Offer? What offer? you think. And then you remember. The one he made to you- "If you're ever fed up of Potter and Weasley over there, you can always look for me."
  6. You run outside, still in a state of partial shock after what Draco said to you. You stare up at the towers, wondering which one yo came from. "Eeny, meeny, miny, mo... Ugh, I give up." You plonk yourself down on the grass and sigh. "Where on earth is that bloody class?" You continue muttering to yourself. For some strange reason, the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Everything goes cold. Some flowers that were next to you start to droop and are covered in frost.
  7. You turn around, and are met with a black hood. you start to feel strangely scared, sad and angry, all at once. Suddenly, you see a flash of bright light, and hear someone shouting something. You start to say something, but then everything goes fuzzy, then black.
  8. You wake up in a room filled with beds. "Where am I?" you try to ask, but it comes out sounding more like "Heramwa?" Your eyesight is still slightly fuzzy, so you can't really see much, but you can tell that there's someone else sitting on the edge of your bed.
  9. "Ah. So you're awake." It's a rather bedraggled looking man. Suddenly you remember what happened to get you here. "Who are you? Were you the one that attacked me?" You quickly shuffle away from the man. "Calm down. Eat this." He holds out a piece of chocolate. "What, is it drugged or something?" you yell. The man looks puzzled. Suddenly a woman sticks her head round the side of the door. It's Madam Pomfrey. "Professor, I'm afraid that you're going to have to stop agitating my patients."
  10. Quickly, you say, "No, it's okay, I'm fine, don't worry about me..." you give a nervous laugh. Madam Pomfrey looks at you oddly, and you sigh. "I'm fine. Honestly." "Well, if that's the case... But I'm still going to have to ask you not to over exert yourself." "I understand." Madam Pomfrey leaves, leaving you alone with the Professor. "Didn't you know that I'm a Professor?" He asks. "Well, no, not really. I missed the feast, see." "That makes sense. I'm Professor Lupin. This may be a bit off topic, but did you know that you're the second person that I've manage to save from being attacked by a dementor?" He asks you. "That was a dementor? That thing? But that's INSANE!"you shout, but then stop, remembering Madam Pomfrey. The Professor sighs, ans hands you the pice of chocolate. "It helps to stop you feeling quite so sad." He explains. You quickly pop it in your mouth, and instantly feel better. "Wow. That's... Strange..." "Professor, your time is up!" Madam Pomfrey is back again. "I'd better go." He gets up and walks up to the door, before turning back and saying, "Harry and his friends are worried about you, you know." He leaves and you're left alone with Madam Pomfrey's muttering of "Those things... Dumbledore had better have a good reason for this..." You sigh, and turn over in bed. You sleep.
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