Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone quiz

Have you ever wondered if you were a true potter head! Or do you want to do every thing to do with Harry Potter? Or are you just bored! Either way try this quiz!iIt will go through Harry Potter and the philosophers (or sorcerers if you prefer) stone! Good luck!

Are YOU a true Potter Head or not!Meet the challanges if you haven´t read the book!Also find some funny answers! I´m just letting you know Harry isn´t a bludger! Those are balls you beat with sticks if you are a beater and try and knock people of their bromstick (IT´S PLAYED ON BROOMS) with! Good day!

Created by: Hermione

  1. Who did Harry Potter accuse of stealing the philosophers stone stone and who stole it.
  2. --------tells Harry he´s a ---------. Fill in the blanks.
  3. IN THE BOOKS which hair colour does aunt Petunia have
  4. Which house was Harry in?
  5. In which house was Harry almost in.
  6. Which position does Harry Play
  7. How do Harry and Hermione become friends.
  8. What are the full names of Harry´s Friends?
  9. Which book is Harry Potter and the Philosophers (sorcerers) stone.
  10. Who is the 1st known gryffidor prefect
  11. First mentioned house.

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