Are you a true POTTERHEAD 2 (long version)

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Have you ever wondered....Am I a true Harry Potter fan. All the Harry Potter fans in the world have had this thought: I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan in the universe!

But are you really?Take this extremely long quiz that will truly test your knowledge to see if you are a true POTTERHEAD, or not.One last thing, please like and comment on any feedback, and enjoy!! <3

Created by: Molofruit
  1. Which of these houses was Hannah abbot put into?
  2. What colours represent ravenclaw?
  3. How many staircases are there at hogwarts?
  4. Which ear did Fred loose?
  5. Who did Hermione date to make Ron jealous?
  6. Which twin did Ron take to the Yule ball
  7. Does hermione like flying?
  8. How old is Nicholas Flammel?
  9. What is the max speed of a Firebolt?
  10. The visitor’s entrance to the Ministry of Magic is an abandoned red telephone booth in London. What is the five-digit code you must dial to get in?
  11. How many spins does Hermione do when going to save Sirius?
  12. What time does that take her to?
  13. Why is Harry sent to court
  14. Finish the quote:Why Hermione, you’re a .......
  15. Finish the quote:No one asked for you’re opinion, you filthy....
  16. Anwser this fan-made joke:Why did snape stand in the middle of the road.
  17. What house are you in (this won’t affect your score)
  18. Click a box for luck ;)
  19. What number is on Ginnys quidditch robes?
  20. What does spew stand for?
  21. What is Sirius’s patronus
  22. What is the charm to extinguish light?
  23. What does luna’s dress look like in book 6?
  24. Who teaches : history of magic
  25. What is the wizarding number?
  26. Which one of these subjects is not a core subject?
  27. What is you-know-who’s- real name?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true POTTERHEAD 2 (long version)