Harry potter - A Love Story

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I actually did not exactly prepare this but i got inspired by natuhleegayle to write this so....this is for you nat :)...Hope you all like this.:)

You are in the 3rd year at hogwarts and you are know capable of loving someone ( you were small before). Take this quiz and see who's love you decide to catch.

Created by: vinisha
  1. You are back from your vacation and you are very happy that you are going to meet your friends at hogwarts. You make your way to the 9 3/4 platform and someone from behind hugs you and says,"hey ______ ! How was your vacation?"You smile and say"hey hermione!it was great.I got all your letters."She drags your hand and says"Come quick! We got to meet harry and ron"You think
  2. You walk to the last compartment with hermione and see harry and ron speaking. Hermione says"Hey harry!Hey ron!"You say the same and sit on the seat opposite to them.You put your bags next to you and as you lift your head, you see harry and ron staring at you.They then turn to each other.You tell them that you have to use the washroom and move out of the compartment. You think....
  3. On your way , you bump into someone and fall down ( because the train moves ....) You push your hair out of your face and see draco next to you . "hey there ! Did you bump into me on purpose? Because I am not speaking to you."he says. You atually became friends with draco in the first two years ( dont ask me why ...) .He gives you his hand and pulls you up. You say..
  4. You speak to draco and then you hear someone from behind ,"draco,where were you?". You both turn back and see pansy.She gives you a glare and says "What were you doing with draco?". You tell her that draco was the one who bumped into you. She takes hold of draco's arm and pulls him away. He stares at you and mouthes 'sorry,see you later'...you think..
  5. You then use the washroom ...and as you walk back to the compartment, you see ginny and luna buying some chocolate frogs. You walk to them and say hi.Then you buy some for yourself.You hear your name being called out by hermione, so you rush back. But you find yourself on the floor instead.You hear pansy and her friends laughing.You think,"I should just leave". Pansy tells draco how she tripped you and he looked at you with concern.Suddenly you see a hand offering to help you.You take it,"Thanks um.......",you say as you stare into his hazel eyes. He smiles and says"hey ______!I'm Cedric" You reply,"How do you know my name?" He blushes and says, "You are quite popular at hogwarts." you hear someone say "______?" and tell cedric you will see him later.He leaves your hand quickly not knowing he was holding it all the time and smiled shyly.You walk back to your compartment and think....
  6. Hermione looks at you with worry and tells,"Where were you?" You tell her about everything except draco . She says,"You know pansy right?".You both then go and sit next to harry and ron. "I cant wait for so long !" "Well you are lucky because we have reached hogwarts"harry replies.You look out of the window and see that hogwarts is nearing.You four then take your bags and get off the express.You reach hogwarts and then you are pulled by someone to a room..who do you think it is?
  7. It was actually neville who pulled you.He tells you to meet him after dinner.You tell yes and leave.You move to the great hall where you see harry waving to you.You go and sit next to harry, ron and hermione.You see draco looking at you.You just turn away from him. As you were eating, you hear ron scream as a spider moved on his shirt.You then hear two people walking towards ron ."ron ..are you okay?"they say in unison. Ron turns red after looking at you staring at him..
  8. You look at the twins who did'nt seem to notice you were there because once they saw you, they smiled awkwardly. You smiled back "hey guys"."hey____!"they reply in unison.You then turn to ron who looked kind of embarassed.You all finish your dinner and then you tell bye because you remembered that you had to meet neville.You tell hi and he tells you that he would want you to be his friend.You smile and ask if that was all.He says yes and tells bye.You walk back to your common room thinking about neville."Oh hey ____! You told you meet me later" "hey cedric...did I?".."kind of, anyways shall i walk you to your common room?"you tell sure.You both walk together and talk about the proffesors and laugh a lot"...He drops you and tells bye with a smile.You do the same and then go to sleep.You had a nice day today and you wanted a better day tomorrow...you dream about..
  9. Then.....SORRY but this is the end of my first part..I hope you like it and i would like thank natuhleegayle for the inspiration.If it was not nice then forgive me because i wrote it in a hurry !
  10. please rate and comment . and if you have some suggestions and ideas pls send them to vinimansingh34@gmail(.)com . Ans comment whether i should make a part 2 or not.btw the part 2 will be more of harry

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