harry or draco?pt5!

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you don't know wich one do you like more?so take this quiz and foundout!

Created by: dragon

  1. where were we?i can't remmember so well...ah!so draco said:proffesor snape wants to talk to you!you say:ok,....:
  2. so you're walking with draco to visit snape.draco said:i can't belive you actully like to hangout with pottr and other gryffindeors!you answer:
  3. you arive to snapes class.draco say:proffesor,[you're name]'s here! snape see you and say:good,thanks draco.you can leave!draco say:ok,[you're name]i'll see you at the common room!and walk away you say:ok!i'll see you!snape look at you and says:ahhh...a muggle in the slytherin house...shame....! you answer:
  4. snape says:i mean...a muggle can't be in the slytherin house.yeah i know you're here for just one week but you can't be in slytherin!sorry,you're going to gryffindor!i talked to mcgonagal about that and she told me it's ok!you say:
  5. you go to commen room to grab you're stuf!you feel:
  6. so you go into the commenroom(slytherin's commenroom).you sit down and think:how can i tell draco about this?then a voice come from you're back:hey [you're name]!what was snape wants?you turn around and see draco.how do you want to tell him!you say:
  7. he says:well....ok...then...bye! you answer:
  8. he says:i'll never forget you [you're name]!have a great time with potter.he seems to be verry sad!you say:
  9. he says:well...mayby i should go to.....somewhere!bye!and he run away!you think:
  10. so...this quiz is finish!sorry slytherin's fan,yeah i don't like to be in gryffindor too but snape told us!if we really like to be slytherin girl we should listen to mrs.severus snape!anyway...how was it?

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