draco or harry?pt.2

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you're at hogwarts now and you'll see lots of persons.two of these persons are harry potter and draco malfoy.you know harry potter:the boy who lived and killed loard voldemort.

and you know draco malfoy:a blonde hair boy who hates harry potter and his friends.but you don't know who do you like the most!if you want to know...TAKE THIS QUIZ RIGHT NOW!!

Created by: dragon

  1. you were in a great dream... sudenley some one woke you up!you look and see mcgonagal!you say:
  2. she say:good morning miss.[you're name]!today you'll be like everyone at hogwarts.you'll go to the classes with you're other classmates!so,you're at slytherin house.(sorry if you don't like it!)and you'll be in 4th year!and you'll sleep in slytherin's commen room!got it?you answer:
  3. so you wear you're clothes and go to slytherins commen room!you go in and see lots of slytherin boys and girls in diferent ages!you feel:
  4. in that time someone say:hello again! from you're back!you turn around and see draco!you say:
  5. you saied you're a muggle.so what do you doing in slytherin's commen room and wearing slytherins rope?you tell him about today.he say:cool!i'm 4th year too!and now we have potions!let's go.in the way you see harry.harry see's you.he's not happy at all!you think:
  6. you go to potions class.you seet near harry.harry say:hello!sorry but are you in slytherin?you answer:
  7. ..and you tell him about today.he saied:I WAS KNEW IT.i was knew you're not like malfoy and the other stupid slytherins!you answer:
  8. then the snape came to class and the class started!when it finished,harry say:come over here.be with us some time!you answer:
  9. so..this quiz is finished!do you liked it?
  10. bye!

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