harry or draco?

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you know harry potter:harry potter,the boy who lived!the person who killed voldemotr!and you all know draco malfoy:draco malfoy,harry potter's enemy and lusios and narsisa's only child!

but do you know who do you like the most? well..if you don't know or you know but you want to be sure..TAKE THIS QUIZ RIGHT NOW!i repet:NOWWWWW!!!!!!!

Created by: dragon

  1. first... how are you?
  2. so,let's make this quiz a little fun! you have a chance to visit hogwarts for a week!you think:
  3. we won't say the parts that you were in you're way to hogwarts,ok?so,you're wlking in the great hall looking around,everything's perfect!you think:
  4. suddenley someone say:hello,i'm harry potter!?you answer:
  5. then somone come and say:harry,let's go!harry look at you and say:bye!i'll see you around!then walk away!you go and find a place to sit!(you don't know who are those people sitting near you!)one of the boyswas talking to others and others were just listening!you think:
  6. he turn around his head and see's you,he say:hi,i'm draco malfoy!is it you're first year here?cause i didn't see you befor!you answer:
  7. he say:you mean...you're a muggle,right?you answered:
  8. everyone exept draco laugh and laugh and say:you're a muggle,you're a muggle!you:
  9. and you leave the great hall!you go to the place that mr.filch told you to sleep there.you're ready to sleep.you think:
  10. well...this quiz is finished and i hope you liked it!how was it?

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