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  • I got 62%.fair enough.btw,Alygirl9 000,no one compelled u to take the quiz.if u didn't know the lyrics,then why'd you take the damn quiz.ure just giving excuses that make no sense cus of ur offense.

    irene achian Dec 21 '14, 4:46PM
  • %64 :-/

    lmquizes Dec 13 '14, 6:21PM
  • I got 46% and I only knew one song listed. Seriously, give me some credit I:

    GraceyCat May 5 '14, 11:44PM
  • 100%thank you very much!

    Water_an_Wisdom Mar 9 '14, 9:57PM
  • 62%,huh, oh well(P.S., for the Black Eyed Peas song, its you're so 3008, not 2008).

    Directioner_Gurl Jul 19 '13, 4:18PM
  • 38%
    Excuses: who listens to the blackeyed peas anymore???
    ~ I don't listen to that much music
    ~ I knew only like 3 songs listed the rest I guessed
    ~ some songs but not a lot were by artist i knew but I didn't know the song.
    ~ I watch Disney so I mostly know those singers. So examples: Taylor swift, Selena Gomez, Demi lovato. I do know Maroon five and the wanted and mindless behavior. I don't listen to a lot of music and most the people I know weren't included.

    Alygirl9000 May 22 '13, 10:55AM
  • 62% i dont listen to pop and the only rock singer i listen to is nickelback! other than that i most likely dont kow it!!

    Ranay6781 Sep 19 '12, 11:47PM
  • 85% i really love music I've heard most of them before because i listened to them. Hope i can write songs like these on day.

    emajor6121 Mar 17 '12, 7:06PM
  • 92% i listen to a lot of music but most of the songs on here i dont but someone still knew.... and I LOVE LIGHTS!!

    KhloeTheStalker Jan 19 '12, 3:38PM
  • 62%
    I didn't know most of the songs on the quiz lol

    IceBabe Jan 14 '12, 4:49PM
  • i really liked this quiz, and it was very inspiring for my next quiz. thanks :)

    D3signnFreAkk Jan 3 '12, 8:33PM
  • I got 77%!

    XxAimeexX Dec 8 '11, 12:38PM
  • 77% I'm really ssurprised! i didnt know like the last three though...

    bobthecorndog Dec 3 '11, 5:46PM
  • Yay!! 100%Thanks whoever made this quiz and you just proved that i do know my music thanks quizmaker

    gotoquizfan Sep 3 '11, 6:49PM
  • On Boom Boom Pow it's " I'm so 3 008 you so two thousand and ----" Get it right.

    buddluver270 Aug 3 '11, 11:46AM
  • 62% pretty good cause i dont know half of them *yay*

    AzizaMyDear Jul 28 '11, 1:40PM
  • 92%!!!!! yay,

    melanye Jun 21 '11, 5:00PM
  • Ummm not a fair quiz since I don't listen to ANY of these songs.

    Shereen May 8 '11, 10:59AM
  • this are gay songs are u like from the 70s or 50s

    jblover143 Apr 10 '11, 11:28PM
  • this are gay songs are u like from the 70s or 50s

    jblover143 Apr 10 '11, 11:27PM
  • Nice quiz! i got a 92% and thats true i do listen to music like 24/7 lol

    gypsy Dec 17 '10, 5:12AM
  • 77%

    Sum1 Oct 29 '10, 6:18AM

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