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GTQ survivor was entertaining and fun to play, most definetly deserving a quiz for it. This was even one of the challenges! And a fun one too, thanks tim.

In advance I apologise for the sucky results, they suck, and are frankly crappy. Many questions are the stuff that went on in team tikianos spy corp. We kicked ass.

Created by: The Geek

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  1. In the first immunity challenge there was a lot of controversy, how many pages were there in team tikianos thread?
  2. What about the other team?
  3. At what page did barberbob abdicate?
  4. Br0wnies was never really liked after she famously said what?
  5. Crack spies from team tikiano located the other teams quicktopic after posing as which user in email?
  6. After losing the "risk" game challenge the losing team went where?
  7. Which team Apropaho member won them the challenge 5 by purchasing the money bag?
  8. In the 6th challenge the word tikiano was not plastered over which forum?
  9. Which challenge blew over due to technical issues?
  10. In the truth or dare challenge which players did both the truth and dare, removing the dare later with tims permission

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