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I remember when I first started on this website... I was so happy and excited to start writing stories and making quizzes.............................

But after a year of two passed, I lost interest and time. Now I'm 13, and we're moving and all, so I REALLY don't have time. So I think now would be a good time to say goodbye. (though I'll log on from time to time, I think...)

Created by: Houndlover

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  1. I'd like to thank Weirdhead for being, well, weird and funny. I loved you stories. Thanks for including my OC Maple in one!
  2. Small thanks to Let'sTacoBoutIt. When I read Lexi's stories, with you in them, she made you seem so funny. I wish I could have gotten to know you better. Thanks for giving me inspiration to annoy my sister!
  3. Thanks to Clara Ford for helping me find my friends when they were missing, and understanding when I messed up...
  4. Big thanks to Ericat for your stories and inspiration. I'm REALLY gonna miss you!
  5. I believe the biggest thanks of all goes to Lexi (ghettobabe4ever). You were my first online friend, and I really owe you.Thx for your amazing stories, encouragement, friendship, and showing me Quotev (xD). Even though we still chat pretty much every day, I thought you deserved this...
  6. I'm gonna miss you GTQ. Of course I'll log on from time to time...
  7. If you still want to keep in touch, I'm active on the websites below:Pixilart (profile is Dragonsongbird)Chicken Smoothie (profile is Dragonsongbird)Quotev (profile is Dragonsongbird)Flight Rising (profile is Dragonsongbird)
  8. Remember, if you need me... you can find me on all of those websites...
  9. thanks again for the happy memories!
  10. Goodbye!

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