gold dust in the sun rise

I don't know what to write on this thing. It's my least favorite part...............................................................................................hi


Created by: bla city

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  1. you are wondering in the woods not knowing where you are going. You run into a tree and fall on your face. U scream and then rub your nose. A white owl flys into veiw and drops a mouse on the ground and just sat there. then some guy with dark hair walks in under the owl with a knife.
  2. you just sit there and stare and you think he's going to kill u. but, he just walks to you and comes way to close to your face.
  3. "Hi." he says and waves his hand."Do you know where you are?" he asks and tilts his head to the side. you shake your head and he picks you up just for the fun of it.
  4. so you fall asleep and find your self in some kind of lawn and it smeels freashly cut.
  5. you walk until you hear talking. he had a phone in his hand and was talking way too fast. you feel a tap on the shoulder and there is a blonde chick that looked nothing like the other guy. she was texting and had a emo hair cut.
  6. She stops texting and looks at you."hi, i'm jamie and I got lost so I ended up here and i don't know what else to ssay now so .....bye!" She runs way texting at the same time.
  7. did you like it so far?
  8. bye
  9. later
  10. you don't really know anyone so you get to see the charecters.

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