are- you- legend-

"As we saw in 2007 will smith was attacked by an ary of zombies. There are many zombies in the word... But when they rise is a whole new question. This amazing quiz will show if you survive or if you'll die a grusome death!!!

"Are you legend? This quiz will prove if you are prepared for the dead to rise of if you'll be eaten by the evil,ugly and gross zombies. Are you legend? Take the quiz now!!!

Created by: dark_zoanoid
  1. When z-day happens, what is the first thing you will do?
  2. where would you go when z-day happened
  3. out of the chosen what weapon do you choose
  4. If you could only save one, which survivor would you choose
  5. do you have the ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE in your possesion
  6. have you been in...
  7. which one of these blunt weapons do you think is best?
  8. When z-day occurs, what vehicle would you choose?
  9. what blade do you like?
  10. do you live by a...
  11. Which of these zombies is most dangerous
  12. When the dead rise, what is your plan

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