Green and Gold Quiz!!!!!

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Do you know Green and Gold???? This quiz is really only for people on the maximum ride bl;og who actually read my story. Oh well!!! Try your best anyway!!

So yeah...Do you know Green and Gold?? For the peoople that actually READ THE STORY these are really easy questions.If you have read it, I ecpect 100% from you!!!! Oh well try you're best. Do you know the story Green and Gold??? take this quiz to find out!!!

Created by: Carly Moore
  1. Why is the title of this book, Green and Gold?
  2. What is the main characters name, and what is her sisters name?
  3. What is Airawens boyfriends name?
  4. What is Loyrinils power?
  5. At the beginning, what are Airawen and Rose's fake names??
  6. What is Rinnian's greatest power?
  7. How are Aiden and Airawen linked?
  8. What creatures are most feared by wizards?
  9. What kind of creatures are Airawen and Aiden?
  10. What are Airawens favorite weapons?
  11. What is Rose's boyfriends name?
  12. What is the main bad guys name???
  13. What color do Rose's eyes turn when she gets really angry?
  14. What are Aidens powers?
  15. What is Airawens evil cousins name??
  16. WHat charm is on Airawens necklace? On Rose's?
  17. What kind of creatures are Rose and John?

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