Are you golden?

Very few people truly appreciate gold. It is, by far, the coolest element ever. It is perfect in all dimensions but very few people truly appreciate it. If you do appreciate, you are one of the true gods on earth. Well, you think you're up for the test.

Are you a true gold master, or are you just another wanna-be who thinks they have what it takes to be among the ranks of John A Sutter, the finder of gold in California. Well, are you?

Created by: A to the g
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  1. What is Gold's chemical symbol?
  2. When Gold undergoes alpha decay, it becomes what?
  3. When Gold undergoes beta decay, it becomes what?
  4. What element undergoes alpha decay to become Gold?
  5. What element undergoes beta decay to become Gold?
  6. What is Gold's atomic number?
  7. What is Gold's atomic number?
  8. When Gold atoms are neutral, how many electrons do they have?
  9. When Gold undergoes gamma decay, what element does it become?
  10. Is Gold the coolest element?

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Quiz topic: Am I golden?