GK Quiz for all#4

Welcome to my quiz. Do you think that you are a genius? If so then you ought to take this quiz. It is very interesting. Come on and take this quiz. Okay.

Tgis quiz gonna be very interesting,fun and amazing and you will of course like iy very much. I will only test whether you are a genius or not. Welcome again.

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

  1. Name the chief god in ancient Irish mythology?
  2. Which European country colonized Indonesia?
  3. Where is the biggest palace?
  4. Where is the Adriatic Sea?
  5. Name the fastest land animal.
  6. The bird "Emu" is the native of which country?
  7. What is the scientific name for wolf?
  8. What is the female goat called?
  9. Is a dog colour blind?
  10. Which country is famous for rubies?

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