How well is your brain un mathematics?

There are many smart people but a few genius. Genius is afterall,quite exceptional. What is a genius? A genius is one who has an extraordinary clever mind and is able to solve complex problems. Chellenge your mathematical brain.

It is a quiz on Mathematics . Just to know how well are you in Mathematics. It is very interesting. It is a practical subject . This quiz help you to know genius you are. It is a very interesting quiz.

Created by: JeeshanX

  1. Any cyclic parallelogram having unequal adjacent sides is a
  2. 40% of ?+180=564
  3. July's mother , Tina has 5 sons- January,February,March,April and ?
  4. Find x when - 11x-8=7x-5
  5. Name the quadrilateral that has all the sides 90 degrees.
  6. The present age of Anne is twice that of George. 10 years hence, Anne's age will be18 years more than the age of George. What is their present ages?
  7. The numerator of a fraction is 5 less than the denominator. If twice the numerator is 1 more than the denominator. What is the fraction?
  8. Find the volume of the cube having an edge =11cm.
  9. 7(y+4)-9(y-5)=5(y+9)
  10. Find x when-3(2x-1)=2(5x-3)

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Quiz topic: How well is my brain un mathematics?