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Created by: angus kittelman

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  1. Which movie line was this off of? "Here's lookin at you kid"
  2. Which movie was regarded to be the most expensive ever made in its time and turned out to be a flop?
  3. In the third Batman movie, who was the actor?
  4. In "Breakfast an Tiffineys" who was the leading lady?
  5. In Edward Scissorhands who was the leading man?
  6. Which horror movie did this line come out of? "Here's johnny"
  7. Who acted in the most films ever?
  8. Which famous actor or actress acted in a William Shakespeare film, called A Merchent of Vennice?
  9. Which movie director won awards for creating a documentry on world war 2
  10. Who was the leading lady in "You Got mail" along with such films as "Sleepless in Seatle" and "Joe vs The Valicano"
  11. Which Three Part Trilogy was about Mobsters?
  12. Which film did not win an award?

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