How well you are in Science?

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There are many smart people but a few genius. Genius is, afterall , quite exceptional. Who is a genius? A genius is one who has a extraordinary mind and had a clever mind.

Science is a very interesting subject. It helps us to know our surroundings. It is very interesting. Come on and take the challenge and be a genius.

Created by: Nazi

  1. Sodium hydroxide is found in-
  2. Magnesium + Oxygen
  3. Magnesium oxide+ Water=
  4. The organ that pumps blood is-
  5. The instrument used to measure wind speed is-
  6. The topmost part of soil is-
  7. Copper Sulphate Sollution + Iron =
  8. Chemical name of washing soda is-
  9. Chemical name of limewater is-
  10. Exchange of gases in our body is done by-

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