The ROBLOX Catalog quiz!

There are more than 40000000 players on roblox. But many just sign up for ROBLOX to play games..The catalog can be super interesting. Sometimes even more interesting than some games.

I wonder. Are YOU a catalog guru? do you have the info to be the catalog genius? Well,... You can test some genius in these quiz questions about the OBLOX catalog. Find out if you are a TRUE genius!!!

Created by: Hyunwoo

  1. Who is the creator of Empyrean Reignment II?
  2. How much does robloxian 2.0 cost?
  3. Who created Skeptic?
  4. What is a model?
  5. Do models cost 10 tickets?
  6. What is the most expensive face?
  7. Is the catalog front homepage:
  8. Is golden hair a retexture of FaBLUElous hair?
  9. Is the woman package only for BC?
  10. When were t-shirts created?
  11. What is the first sentence in Shiny teeth's description?

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