Grade 8 Mathematics.

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There a many smart people but a very few genius. A genius,afterall, quite exceptional. What is a genius ? A genius is one who can solve complex questions and is very clever.

Mathematics is a very important subject. It is very interesting. It is a practical subject. Here you can know how genius are you in Mathematics. Come on and take this challenge.

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

  1. Find x when, 3x=2x+18
  2. 5t-3=3t-5
  3. Jessi thought of a number and she subtracted 5/2 from that number. The subtracted result was multiplied by 8. Now, this result was 3 times the number she thought. What is the number?
  4. The ratio of two numbers is 5:3. If the difference is 18, what are the two numbers?
  5. The ratio of the ages of George and Leo is 5:7. After 4 years,the sum of their ages will be 56 . What are their present ages?
  6. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a class is 7:5. The number of boys is 8 more than girls. What is the total number of boys and girls?
  7. Find x when ,8x+4=3(x-1)+7
  8. Find x when, 2x=x+2+3
  9. The cost price of an article was Rs.1350 and it was sold at a loss of 12%. Find its selling price.
  10. Principle= Rs.500, Rate%=6, Time=5 years. Find the simple interest and amount
  11. 1000-200-300-400-100=?
  12. When 34% of a certain amount of money is added to 22%of 350,the sum becomes 128. Find the number.
  13. After 15 years, the age of Tina will be 4 times the age of the present. What is Tina's age?

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