Monster hunter Quiz

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Genius is, after all, quite exceptional. Someone that could solve complex stuff. If you could succeed, then you're fantastic!

Are you a genius? Do you have the brains and experience to overcome this test? If only you wonder. But thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you'll find out.

Created by: Fatalis

  1. If Lao Shan Lung or Fatalis was your pet, would they be perfect?
  2. Question 2-5 is about weak spots. What's Rathalos' Weak Spot?
  3. What is the weakest monster?
  4. What's Lao shan's weak spot?
  5. What's Gold Rathian's weak spot?
  6. Who is the hardest cheating monster in Monster Hunter Freedom?
  7. What happens when you're in the cold without a hot drink?
  8. What monster has a hide?
  9. What weapon is made of rathalos?
  10. What's the best weapon?
  11. What are the three colors of the Rathalos?
  12. What the perfect music for a fatalis battle?
  13. Is monster hunter 2 a remix of 1?
  14. If you're lost in the wild and bump into any wyvern like tigrex of rathalos or fatalis, your reaction is...
  15. The last one was crazy but if you could be a monster hunter would you take the risk?
  16. A flash bomb doesn't work on...
  17. When was the first monster hunter game made?
  19. During mating season, how do Rathalos get attraction from Rathians?
  20. When two Rathalos want the same Rathian how do they do it?
  21. G-class quest are for...
  22. Which is not a real weapon?
  23. Some monsters have a black gene. Which doesn't?
  24. Lao Shan Lung is human and...
  25. What is the best damage of a great sword?
  26. Which is a real item?
  27. Who has poison in their tail?
  28. Rathian could do an air flip. Who else could?
  29. What's the color of the max sharpness?
  30. What the max rarity of armor?
  31. How many ledges are in forest&hills area 2?
  32. Velocipreys are...
  33. What monster is not in the training school?
  34. Elements from weapons like Paralysis and poison happens...
  35. What does HR stand for?
  36. How old is Lao Shan Lung?
  37. Artisan means a person that(s)...
  38. How many horns does Fatalis have?
  39. What does the z in 239,921z mean?
  40. You have to slay ___ of that monster to update your monster log.
  41. How many non boss monsters exist?
  42. Rathalos' elemental weakness is...
  43. Fatalis' elemental weakness is...
  44. How many carves can you get from Lao?
  45. What's the most Known weapon?
  46. What is the best weapon on the fortress?
  47. What does the women with the blue shirt do?
  48. Here's the Final Test. When was monster hunter 3 made?

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