Gender in Pop Culture Quiz

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of gender issues in the media and give your opinion on how you feel about some of these issues. It will be short and quick.

The opinion questions have no wrong or write answers so those won't be held against your total. Some of the questions are difficult so if you don't know one you can guess!

Created by: Angela

  1. What percentage of white teens listen to rap?
  2. About what percentage of black teens agree with this statement "Rap music videos contain too many references to sex"?
  3. What percentage of young men agree with the following statement "Rap music videos have too many references to violence?"
  4. True or False, Almost 50% of young black men don't think that rap music videos portray black men in offensive ways.
  5. Who is more likely to think that rap videos should be more political?
  6. True or False, 57% of rock music videos portray women as a sex object, a victim, as unintelligent, or in a condescending way.
  7. What rap artist do you think sends positive messages through his lyrics?
  8. Do you think music influences how people act?
  9. Do you think women are at fault for allowing themselves to be degraded in music?
  10. Do you think rap and hip hop music would still sell if it talked about positive messages instead of drugs, women, and violence?

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