How Cuban are you?

Cuban heritage is something to be proud of. We must carry our culture with us and teach it to our children. Coming to the U.S. should not be a reason for any Cuban to want to give up his customs, language and culture. We must be proud because we are good people.

This quiz will let you know if you are a true Cuban who has been faithful to his culture even when living in a diferent country. We must be proud and teach our kids about this wonderful heritage.

Created by: Terry

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  1. Do you HAVE TO HAVE white rice and black beans at least once a week?
  2. Do you think Fidel Castro's death will end comunism in Cuba?
  3. Do you feel the need to repeat the verb "oye" everytime you speak Spanish?
  4. What is Fidel Castro's brothers first name?
  5. The Capital of Cuba is:
  6. Do you idolize Tony Montana?
  7. When would you use the phrase; "comiendo mierda"?
  8. What is "ropa vieja"?
  9. A "java" is:
  10. The beach area in Habana, Cuba is:

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Quiz topic: How Cuban am I?