Gang Quiz for First Year Teachers

Gangs are a serious issue that may arise in your first year of teaching. Gangs can arise in any school. This maybe a touchy subject, however this subject needs to be dealt with.

Test your knowledge on how well you would handle a gang issue in YOUR classroom. Our goal is to inform you, as first year teachers, on how to better deal with the problem.

Created by: Angela

  1. A student is displaying gang behavior if they...
  2. My student frequently doodles on his assignments, sometimes they are violent pictures, could this be a sign of gang activity?
  3. I see many students wearing a tilted baseball cap and rolled up jeans, how do I know if this is gang activity?
  4. I teach middle school so none of my students could be gang members right?
  5. If my student is in a gang, does this mean it is a serious issue?
  6. What effect can a gang member have on your classroom?
  7. What am I required to do in the case of gangs in my classroom?
  8. What can I do to help and should I try?
  9. Where can I get more help and information reguarding gangs?
  10. Now, using your best judgement, what was something new you learned about gangs?

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