matters part 1

Hello dear friends, this is basically a story rather than a quiz. But you will find one or two questions in the middle for you to think and answer. This is actually my first post in this site. Hope it is well.

So, there is a 13 years old fun-loving, cheerful girl with a smile on her lips, almost always. She is studying in 7th grade. But after that new girl appears, she and her life changes. What happens?? Go on and read if you want to know, and answer.

Created by: Nicolette
  1. "Hold on Chole, I won't let you fall!!!", I shouted in distress. "Please...please Clair, don't leave my's slipping....I'm gonna fall..........AAAAHHH...", I watched helplessly as she fell down the cliff. "NOOOO...", I woke up, face full of heart pounding crazily... "Just a bad dream....just a bad dream..." I tried to calm myself down...
  2. "Clair! Are you alright?? What's the matter?? I heard you screaming... What happened?? I wa-..." James came rushing inside, with a concerned look. "Calm down James. Take a breath. I'm fine. Just a nightmare." I exclaimed, as I watched my dear brother's face returning to its normal. "Don't worry so much about me. I'm fine." I hugged him to reassure that I'm ok.
  3. "Phew! You scared me. Now get ready. Today is your 1st day in 7th grade. Hurry up." he said. "Oh yeah, right." I simply muttered. I got down, washed myself and opened my cupboard. I looked for awhile and pulled out my favourite skinny black jeans and the new tank. I pulled back my hair into a sleek ponytail and rushed out with my bag. Leslie was already there waiting for me.
  4. "Come on fast. What took you so long?" Leslie asked. Uff! That stupid nightmare is still not leaving my mind alone. I was hardly paying attention to what Leslie was saying. "What do you think Clair? Clair? CLAIR!! Are you even listening?" "Oh sorry Les. I was just..." I trailed off. "Hey, what happened? You look worried. You can share your problems with me." she said in a kind tone. "Well, I just had a really weird dream today..." I narrated everything,"And I don't even remember that girl's face. I just know that her name was Chole. But I don't know anyone by that name..." "That's creepy. But don't crack your head now. We'll figure it out later, or we're gonna be late to school." she said. Her warm smile took away all my worries. "Yeah. Let's hurry."
  5. First class was Sociology. How boring! Just then our teacher entered along with a new girl. I suddenly felt a shiver down my spine. She looked familiar... We greeted our teacher, and she introduced us to the new girl, "So students, you all have a new classmate. Her name is Chole and..." My heart skipped a beat and my hands turned cold. Yes, this was that same girl whom I saw in the dream. But how's that possible. I don't even know her... As I looked at her, I felt a wide range of emotions....but somehow I knew that those emotion were not mine. I felt choked up. She came near and sat behind me.
  6. I told Leslie everything. She was sitting beside me. She flashed a bright smile and turned behind and tried to start a conversation with Chole, "Hi Chole, I'm Leslie. Nice to meet you. Tell me about yourself..." Chole was writing something. She looked up with an indifferent look, "As you already know, I'm Chole Wakefield. Nice to meet you too. But I'm busy now. I'd like it if you leave me alone." Leslie still smiled and turned back and remarked quietly in my ear,"Does she always talk in this way?"
  7. So the real question is: Who do you think Chole will turn out to be? [only this question has an effect.]
  8. So, this is the end of part 1. Did you like it?
  9. Bye. Have a nice day.:-)
  10. Whom do you like?

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