Four hours and counting... ~part 3~

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YEY! This is the third one! I made the first yesterday, the second today, and thr third now! So i guess tomorrow you can come back for more!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, three guys, and you have to save them, and your dad has to go somewhere, so you plan to save the boys, but your dad comes home, and you get busted, and.... I'm out of breath!

Created by: js0cj

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  1. "Daddy! What are you doing back?" you say shocked, looking at your father. He doesn't look like himself, and is evilly smiling. "Daddy? What's wrong?" you ask, walking closer to him. "____, sweety! You really shouldn't have done this..." he says walking towards you. "Done what?" you ask, when suddenly your dad pulls a gun from his coat and shoots it at the boys, hitting... "JONAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" you scream, and run towards where Jonah is lying on the floor, blood spilling out of him. "Jonah, wake up!" you shout, banging on the glass, but he doesn't move. Sky and Forest are too shocked to move. You can't help yourself, but you start to cry. Just then, a 'click' comes from behind, and you freeze. You can feel the cold metal against your head. "Now ____, you are going to come with me..." your father says, and grabs your arm, while still holding the gun to your head, and drags you out of the room!!!
  2. He walks you down the corridor and pushes you in a room. You look and see it's the way to the cages with the boys. You try to run, but your dad holds the gun tighter to your head. "Listen here Sunshine, you are going to stay right here, oK"? he whispers sharply, and pushes you down onto a chair, and ties you up! He then leans next to your head and whispers, "If you try to get away, it will be worse." He stands up and walks to the door. "What will be worse?" you ask, when he turns around and shoots you in the arm, and you scream. "_______!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Forest shouts, rattling the bars of his cage. You dad looks at him, and then shoots at him. Luckly, it hits the bars and backfires at your dad, but doesn't quite manage to hit him. Your dad evilly laughs, and then turns and walks away, leaving you screaming, Forest rattling, Jonah dead, and Sky doing... Wait, where was Sky?
  3. "_____, are you ok?" Forest asks, while you're still screaming. You manage to stop just enough to say, "SKY!!!" Forest looks, and then mutters, "In the name of God!" The glass behind him was shattered. "But how?" Forest asks himself. He walks over to the bars and shake them, but they don't budge. "Side," you manage to say, and Forest gets your idea, and turns sideways and slides himself out of the cage. "Well someone could have told be about that before," he laughs, but then hears you shouting again, and runs out of the room to get to the room you are in. You look around for Sky. He was nowhere to be seen. Just then...
  4. (Me: If you chose 1, you are smart, well, a little bit!) Sky appears! He runs behind you and unties the rope. Forest comes in and stares at Sky. "And where were you?" he asks. Sky points to the shattered glass. "But how did you shatter it?" Forest asks. Sky points at you. "What, ____ didn't do anything," Forest said, walking over and helping you out of the chair. Sky finally speeks, but very quietly. "She's the Lillol." Forest stares at you. "WTF!" you manage to say. "____, you are the Lillol, the mightest being in the whole worlds!" Forest says, looking like as if he could bow down! "You have an amazing talent of bring powers to people. While we're with you, we have powers. I think you gave Sky the power of controling glass, and being invisable. What do i have?" he says, smiling, and then tries a few things. He holds his hands out to see if he could make or manipulate things, but nothing happened. Then he gently places a hand on your arm, the one that was shot, and then, two seconds later, the pain goes. He lifted his hand off and stares at it. "I guess it's healing," he says, and smiles at you. "What else?" he says to himself, and the waves his arms around, looking stupid. 'Geez! He looks funny!' you think, and Forest stares at you. "Shut up," he laughs, but you look confused at him. "I didn't say anything," you say, finally able to say things without pain. YOu both stare at each other, and thej both say at time, "MIND READING!!!!!!!!!" You both laugh!
  5. You look over to where Jonah's body is lying, blood everywhere. "hat are we going to do about Jonah?" you ask, walking over to him. You slide through the bars and kneel next to him. He looks so different with his eyes closed. Forest follows you and stands behind you. "There is nothing we can do!" Forest says, and then sits down next to you. "But there has to be a way!" you say, and place a hand over Jonah's heart, wishing you had more than one power. "Look _____, he's gone," Forest says, and stands up and walks out. He turns around and looks at you. "____, we'll be in the corridor," he says, and then walks to Sky and pulls him outside. You look at Jonah. You don't know why you feel sad/. Yes, he's dead, but there was something else. You've only just met him, but you have this feeling about him. Just then, Jonah opens his eyes, grabs your arm, pulls to you to the ground, lies on top of you, and presses his lips onto yours. Supriced, but loving it, you kiss him back. His sweet soft lips hypnoticed you. Just then... (You: Not this again!)
  6. THATS A RAP! Right, i'll leave it at there for now! I know some of you are asking for Sky to say more, and sure thing, he will!!!!!
  7. Also, i'll give you a preview of the next one, are you ready?
  8. "And then there was nothing else i could do, really, and-" "Just shut up you b***t! Do you really care about me? You b*****d!" "You think i'm the b***h? Well, if it wern't for you, we wouldn't be in this mess!" "I HATE YOU, YOU B*-" Just then, before you could finish, he pulled you close and pressed his lips onto yours...
  9. Lol! I'll make the next one soon! So people, do you like the series?
  10. Final question... WHO DO YOU LIKE?

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