What type of game would you want to make?

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Thread Topic: What type of game would you want to make?

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    tomboykaitie Novice
    I've been thinking about it lately, and if I ever made a game, I'd call it "Life" :P Guess what its about.
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    Hatshepsut237 Newbie
    I'd base mine off of the Warriors books by Erin Hunter
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    I like music Novice
    I'd make it an adventure like Zelda. =)
  • briste Newbie
    A simulation game... but a p---o
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    AngelofDeath Newbie
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    6 6 sick Novice
    Probly a war or monster game,lots of violence in it.
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    timothy4444 Novice
    Super mario galaxy with a p---o galaxy
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    Irenemarleen Novice
    a new version of Twilight Princess, with a CLEAR end. :D
  • johninMI Newbie
    I'd like if there were a Call of Duty that took place during the Civil War. There are some Civil War games for PC, but I'd like to see the Civil War get the Call of Duty treatment.
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    Carri04 Senior
    adventure RP game in the same format/style as One Piece Unlimited Cruise/Adventure

    i've been thinking bout doing that for a while now.
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    OZZYIOMMI Experienced
    I'd have one like the sims, But more.. Uh.. Realistic.
  • KittKatt Newbie
    I would make a game called Planet Tokyo. It would be an adventure game and rated E 10+.
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    Alana Advanced
    I'd call it "Lanerz" and it's the world through my strange and colorful eyes. xD
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    DragonKitty Junior
    Sims, taken to a whole new level of awesomeness!!!! How about 'Sims: Through The Ages'? From caveman times to space homes, create a line of sims that as they live and die, and their children grow up, their family heritage does as well! So play a family! A BIG family! And yes, there's fishing!

    (also includes: mental diseases, werewolves, elves, vampires, ghosts, immortals, aliens, sorcerers and MORE!)

    Sick and tired of your favourite sims dying and leaving you to control their 'oh so annoying' offspring? Well, now there are numerous ways to stop this including: vampires! (just don't run out of blood or get discovered, you have less of a chance of that in the modern world, where few people believe) Elves! (just don't get discovered or you be captured!) Immortals! (yeah, just be careful of witch hunters!) Ghosts! (You're already dead!) Oh YEAH! It's THAT epic! (only $79.89)
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    OZZYIOMMI Experienced

    Or, the veiw of the world from a person, Not any person though. Maybe a psychopath, Or a kid. LOL

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