any one no any good vidiogames?

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Thread Topic: any one no any good vidiogames?

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    i need somthin fun not complicated but chalenging
  • NeonHotPink Newbie
    what system?
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    KawaiiLove Newbie
    What genre? Action? Adventure? Story? Ect.
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    timothy4444 Novice
    What rating?
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    I like music Novice
    Professer Layton And the Diabolical box.

    It's a DS game, about puzzles and detectives.
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    Kitsune Newbie
    Retun to Castle Wolfenstein and Driv3r (Drivers 3) both r PC
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    Slim_t Novice
    slip stream!
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    timothy4444 Novice
    Kingdom Hearts?
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    barberbob2 Novice
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    timothy4444 Novice
    Mario Bros.
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    floss Novice
    for ds:
    -pokemon is pretty good (not just for pokemon fans either coz i aint one)
    -mario bros (i dont own it but its good)
    -actually, mostly ALL mario games
    -animal crossing is ok but the ones above are better

    for wii:
    -mario galaxy
    -apparantly wii sports resort is good
    -lego star wars is ok but above are better
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    Sinister Novice
    smack down vs raw 2010

    or 2009

    0r 2006
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    xVaMpIrEx Novice
    @sinister. omfg those games are the s---!
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    timothy4444 Novice
    -Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (Great starter if you never played pokemon before.)
    -Super Mario 64 DS (Best if you haven't played the original.)
    -Mario Kart DS (Good game if you haven't played Mario Kart Wii.)
    -Animal Crossing 9worth it if you like the sims but want it more better.

    -Super Mario Galaxy (Good 3D platformer if you're into those stuff.)

  • MandyB123 Newbie
    Try Just Dance for Wii

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