Favorite Video Game Character?

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Thread Topic: Favorite Video Game Character?

  • SonicFangirl1 Newbie
    I love Sonic the Hedgehog, from, every game, and Skye Prower from Sonic, too. Sonic is a great character because, well, do you even have to ask?
    I love Skye, too, because he's so cute and young, and due to him being VERY shy, the interactions he has with people are priceless! Not to mention, he is the SON of Miles "Tails" Prower! He has interestingly developed his father's mutation of two tails, so, he was to fly to provide support. But when he flies, he spins his whole body instead of his tails! ...so much to say about these guys, and it was really hard trying to decide between his cast of colorful characters!
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    Luna Siren Advanced
    Ethel and Karin from Fairy Fencer
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    Zelda fanatic16 Advanced
    Link, because he's Link. xD
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    absol heart Senior
    nicolas cage
    im not even kidding
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    Whiplash Novice
    One of these
    Sub Zero
    Johnny Cage
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    Olive Girl Novice
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    i_love_planes Advanced
    Omigod, there's too many...

    Silver(whom I named carrot)- Pokemon Silver
    Slime- Dragon Quest
    Henry- Fire Emblem Awakening
    Mari + Jowee- Drawn To Life
    Phone Guy(fnaf is a guilty pleasure)- Fnaf
    James Sunderland- Silent Hill 2

    And many others. xP
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    Marceline 101 Junior
    Robin ( in the smash bros game not teen titans or batman!)
    Zero suit samus
  • Mew from Pokemon
    The 5th boss from Luigis mansion(which is my username)
    Mario from super Mario 3D world
    Victini from Pokemon
    Creeper from minecraft
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    Hephaestuschild Hot Shot
    every character from Lord of Magna.
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    TayuyaTerra Novice
    Minato Namikaze
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    Roboticlus Prime Experienced
    Luigi from Super Mario
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    Rex Junior
    Lightning from Final Fantasy 13
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    LuckyFirefly Senior
    Adam Malkovich and Rundas from metroid even though they were both only in one game ;^;

    and Bowser cuz you can't beat a giant spiky dino thing right

    and Seiko from Corpse Party my baby
  • Bub or Bob from Bubble bobble :) Also, they are in Puzzle bobble as well! I have a decent sized Bub tattoo! He's sitting in a bubble! :D

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