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  • "True, true. I've also been working on levelling Guts up to the max these past few weeks. xD Hey, Ultimate's amazing. It's not p"
  • "What will they remember when you're gone? I dunno, it's a swing and a miss GG Allin seemed to do it better showing his bits"
  • Greetings, all. x3
    "How are all of you doing?"
  • Splat-Chat!
    "I never played it too much. I did play a tiny bit of the multiplayer for the first one, but I played a bit more of the second one and about ..."
  • "I don't know what it is that keeps bringing me back. I've already got Platinum for it, but I still continue to play Dark Souls 3. Like, it's..."
  • "\[T]/ I'd definitely be down to at some point. I know, it really is like that sometimes. xD But I think I could get it to work "
  • "Ah, man. It's been a mix of Sekiro and Killing Floor these last few weeks. I love 'em both to death."
  • "No prob. Yeah. Indeed. xD I have both those first two, but neither of the last two. What? xD"
  • "Yeah! Fifteen years since you walked away No goodbyes, no apologies What's a kid supposed to do when he dies inside"
  • "Understandable, for both of those. xD That's good, at least. You can definitely do it, man. I believe. No worries, first I've heard it"
  • Write a short story.
    "this outburst, everyone looks at him with saddened eyes. "...I'm sorry. These last few years have been the worst for me, and I've grown to t..."
  • Write a short story.
    ""Fragile." "You know, a human life is a very fragile thing. Most seem to take it for granted, like teenagers, nearly all of who"
  • Write a short story.
    "Ooh, there is one that I don't mind sharing. But it does insinuate a bit of violence, in a way. I'll just post it and see what you think of ..."
  • "Sorry, I had to poof. Something came up. If I can do this much, then I certainly think you could, too. Indeed. cx It's a "
  • Write a short story.
    "For you? I'll need to know what you like."

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