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    Cats17 Newbie
    Yes, Eclipsestar228, you may join. I'm also waiting for Book 14, The Dangerous Gift, to come out --- it's due March 2021.

    Yes, WoF_Deathbringer, you will. You don't have to make an OC tribe if you don't want to, you can use the original tribes, or canon tribes, and make a character from there. You can also use my OC tribes, I don't mind. But if you want to use someone else's OC tribe, be sure to ask them first.
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    Okay. How many tribes are you planning to have for your RP?
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    In total, that is.
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    Cats17 Newbie
    Um idk, as many as people add?
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    Okay. Can I add one?
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    Wait can we add more than one per person or only one?
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    Name: EarthWings
    Scale Coloring: Greenish-brownish-gray
    Scale Shape: Regular, slightly pointed
    Wing Coloring: The same shade as their scales, but slightly lighter.
    Wing Shape: Regular, large
    Claw Coloring: Gray
    Claw Shape: Regular
    Claw Extras: None
    Tail Shape: Regular, long
    Head Size: Regular
    Horn Length: Big in terms of width
    Horn Coloring: Pale yellow/white, like something white that got slightly dirty
    Teeth Length: Regular
    Teeth Coloring: Pale yellow/white, like something white that got slightly dirty
    Eye Size: Regular
    Eye Coloring: Dark brown
    Current Queen: Queen Gravel
    Alliances: None
    Special Abilities: Can shake the ground with a rumbling thing, can create landforms, breath dirt bits
    Extras: Very large in size
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    Maybe it would be easier to use just the OC tribes that we create, instead of also adding the originals?
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    So that we only have around 5 - 10 tribes maybe?
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    Name: MistWings
    Scale Coloring: Light blue or gray
    Scale Shape: Rounded, small
    Wing Coloring: Pale blue or gray
    Wing Shape: Regular
    Claw Coloring: White, light blue or light gray
    Claw Shape: Regular, curved and smooth
    Claw Extras: None
    Tail Shape: Thin, maneuverable
    Head Size: Slightly small,
    Horn Length: Long
    Horn Coloring: White, light blue, or light gray
    Teeth Length: Regular
    Teeth Coloring: White
    Eye Size: Regular
    Eye Coloring: Misty blue-gray or pale ice-blue
    Current Queen: Queen Fog
    Alliances: CloudWings
    Special Abilities: Breath out fog or water
    Extras: Excellent eyesight
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    A third one...?

    Name: CloudWings
    Scale Coloring: White
    Scale Shape: Round
    Wing Coloring: Pale yellow-blue
    Wing Shape: Small, round
    Claw Coloring: White
    Claw Shape: Regular
    Claw Extras: None
    Tail Shape: Regular
    Head Size: Circular
    Horn Length: Regular
    Horn Coloring: White
    Teeth Length: Regular
    Teeth Coloring: White
    Eye Size: Small, pointed
    Eye Coloring: Yellow, ice-blue, or light blue
    Current Queen: Queen Wind
    Alliances: MistWings
    Special Abilities: Can blow wind with their wings and through their mouth
    Extras: Were originally part of the MistWings, before splitting up into a seperate tribe (that's why they have an alliance)
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    StormWings, EarthWings, MistWings, and CloudWings. Maybe we need some fire-breathing tribe? I've already created three, so if you want maybe you could do a fire tribe.
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    Did I add too many, or is it fine?
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    (Thanks! Imma create a tribe, if that's okie! :3)

    Name - SunWings
    Scale Coloring - Gold, sometimes a little brown, pale yellow
    Scale Shape - Regular, slightly pointed
    Wing Coloring - Brown, white, or red
    Wing Shape - Large, like that of a SkyWing's
    Claw Coloring - White, brown, or red
    Claw Shape - Slightly curved
    Claw Extras - They have fire in their claws
    Tail Shape - Regular
    Head Size - Regular
    Horn Length - Long and majestic
    Horn Coloring - Brown, white, or red
    Teeth Length - Regular but sharp
    Teeth Coloring - White
    Eye Size - Regular
    Eye Coloring - Brown, blue, green, hazel, or silver
    Current Queen - Queen Sunrise
    Alliances -
    Special Abilities - Their large wings are great for flying, they have fire in their claws, and they can't be harmed by fire
    Extras -
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    (Another one...? :3)

    Name - VenomWings
    Scale Coloring - Red, yellow, green, blue, and orange
    Scale Shape - Regular and smooth
    Wing Coloring - Black or brown
    Wing Shape - Regular and majestic
    Claw Coloring - Black or brown
    Claw Shape - Regular, slightly pointed majestic claws
    Claw Extras - There is a small chance they can sting you with their claws
    Tail Shape - Long, curved, and majestic
    Head size - Regular
    Horn Length - Long and majestic
    Horn Coloring - Black or brown
    Teeth Length - Long, sharp, dangerous fangs
    Teeth Coloring - White
    Eye Size - Slightly narrowed and majestic
    Eye Coloring - Purple, pink, blue, green, red, orange, or yellow
    Current Queen - Queen Mosquito
    Alliances - SunWings
    Special Abilities - They have fangs filled with poison. If they bite you, then you'll be poisoned, along with paralysis for an hour. It's a very slim chance their bite can kill you. They're slightly stronger than a normal dragon
    Extras -

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