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    Cats17 Newbie
    Who wants to roleplay? I know I do, and what better thing too do it about than wings of fire? Please join, and have fun!

    Nothing 18+, aka no cussing, no talking about things you shouldn't. No harassing or spamming in the chat. Please do not insult other's characters. Read Terms of Service for more info if needed before joining. Thank you.

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    Cats17 Newbie
    Information about this roleplay:

    We will be using both Canon tribes and fanmade tribes, but if you do decide to make a fanmade tribe, please list the info on the tribe that goes along with what is below. All details below must be included in your tribe's description. Thanks you.

    Scale Coloring:
    Scale Shape:
    Wing Coloring:
    Wing Shape:
    Claw Coloring:
    Claw Shape:
    Claw Extras:
    Tail Shape:
    Head Size:
    Spinal Ridge Shape:
    Spinal Ridge Coloring:
    Horn Length:
    Horn Coloring:
    Teeth Length:
    Teeth Coloring:
    Eye Size:
    Eye Coloring:
    Current Queen:
    Special Abilities:
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    Cats17 Newbie
    Example 1 (with canon tribe):
    Name: SeaWings
    Scale Coloring: Blue, green, or aquamarine
    Scale Shape: Regular
    Wing Coloring: Slightly lighter than scales
    Wing Shape: Average
    Claw Coloring: White
    Claw Shape: Normal
    Claw Extras: Webs between claws, same color as wings
    Tail Shape: Large and powerful
    Head Size: Average
    Spinal Ridge Shape: Fin-like
    Spinal Ridge Coloring: Similar to webs between claws and wings
    Horn Length: Average
    Horn Coloring: Dark version of scales
    Teeth Length: Average
    Teeth Coloring: White
    Eye Size: Normal
    Eye Coloring: Green or blue
    Current Queen: Queen Aqua
    Alliances: None
    Special Abilities: Breathe underwater
    Extras: Gills on neck, glow-in-the-dark stripes

    (We will NOT be using canon characters)
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    Cats17 Newbie
    Seeing as we will not be using Canon characters, here is every tribe's current queen. Also, the NightWings are NOT living in the Rainforest Kingdom, they are living in their original kingdom, as seen in Wings of Fire: Legends: Darkstalker. This is centuries after Moon and the others were ever born, no tribe even remembers their names --- same for Pantala and the Pantalan protagonists. There is an indestructible silk bridge joining the two continents together.

    SeaWings: Queen Aqua (as shown above)
    MudWings: Queen Straw
    SkyWings: Queen Inferno
    SandWings: Queen Cactus
    NightWings: Queen Galaxy
    IceWings: Queen Chill
    RainWings: Queen Hibiscus
    HiveWings: Queen Honeycomb
    SilkWings: Queen Marathi (butterfly species)
    LeafWings: Queen Maple
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    Can I join?
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    So will we be using the actual tribes, or OC tribes?
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    Cats17 Newbie
    Yes you may join. We are using both tribes, the actual ones and OC tribes. There is another continent, Waytruda, for OC tribes.
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    Okay. I haven't read the second series, to let you know.
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    And I haven't read Darkstalker's book. I'm currently on Winter Turning.
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    Cats17 Newbie
    Ok. Maybe we should leave out HiveWings, SilkWings, LeafWings, and Pantala for now (spoiler alert!)
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    Yeah, I've heard of them, but I don't know much. Okay.
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    (Mind if I join...? :3)

    (I'm currently waiting for book 14 to come out. ;-;)

    (I've been waiting for more than 2 months. ;-;)

    (But anyways! Mind if I join...? :3)
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    (Probably 6 or 7 months... I don't know. T^T)
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    Cats17 Newbie
    OC Tribe:

    Name: StormWings
    Scale Coloring: Black or gray
    Scale Shape: Long and jagged
    Wing Coloring: Light grey
    Wing Shape: Twice as large as a SkyWing's, average shaping.
    Claw Coloring: Crimson
    Claw Shape: Longer than usual
    Claw Extras: None
    Tail Shape: Smaller than average
    Head Size: Large
    Spinal Ridge Shape: Large spikes
    Spinal Ridge Coloring: Crimson, gold, or navy blue
    Horn Length: Longer than usual
    Horn Coloring: Crimson
    Teeth Length: Longer than usual, top front two stick out over jaw when jaw is closed
    Teeth Coloring: Crimson
    Eye Size: Small
    Eye Color: Blood red, glow when there is a storm
    Current Queen: Queen Raincloud
    Alliances: None
    Special Abilities: Breath Lightning, roar as loud as thunder. Always roar before they breathe lightning, a disadvantage in battle
    Extras: All scars they get naturally form in the shape of a lightning bolt, and turn gold.
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    So will we make OC tribes and OC characters?

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