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    Eclipse, can I use some of your tribes?
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    Tribe: SoulWings
    Name: Light
    Gender: Female
    Age: 8 Moons
    Mother: Clear
    Father: Fog
    Siblings: None
    Looks: She has white wings, sharp claws, purple eyes, white claws, and white horns.
    Other: Her father died was killed by a SunWing. His kindness got the best of him to the point he didn't even defend himself.
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    Tribe: SunWings
    Name: Pheonix
    Gender: Female
    Age: 7 Moons
    Mother: Blaze
    Father: Flame
    Sibling: 2
    Looks: She has red wings, red claws, red horns, blue eyes, and has a little more fire than usual.
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    And your name kind of...

    Will they be at Jade Academy, or something else?))

    Tribe: SoulWing
    Name: Eclipse
    Gender: Female
    Age: 5 years old
    Mother: Echo
    Father: Stone
    Siblings: Shadow (Male)
    Looks: SIlver/medium gray shiny scales
    Other: Personality - Kind, Smart, Funny, Friendly
    Pets: None
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    Tribe: VenomWings
    Name: Viper
    Gender: Male
    Age: 8 Moons
    Mother: Rattlesnake
    Father: Fang
    Siblings: 1
    Looks: He has all the colors of the rainbow, except for purple and pink. His colors are a little darker and duller.
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    Oh! Sure, WoF_Deathbringer! I don't mind! :D
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    Well, I know my dragonets won't be in Jade Academy... They're too busy helping with the war! :3
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    War? What war? This isn't during SandWing succession, right?
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    Wait are we using moons? Isn't that for Warriors? And years for WoF....
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    Ohh! Then Light is 7 years old, Pheonix 6, and Venom 7. :3

    Also, they said alliances, so I just thought, Oh, fun! A war!
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    New Tribe

    Tribe: MossWings
    Scale Coloring: Lots of greens with patches of grey and brown
    Scale Shape: Oval
    Wing Coloring: Green
    Wing Shape: Long and wide
    Claw Coloring: Grey
    Claw Shape: Short and blunt
    Claw Extras: Has an extra hook on the side of each claw
    Tail Shape: Long and strong, like a rock
    Head Size: On the smaller side
    Spinal Ridge Shape: Long and flexible
    Spinal Ridge Coloring: Grey or brown
    Horn Length: Long and covered in a mossy fuzz
    Horn Coloring: Usually green, sometimes grey or brown
    Teeth Length: Short and sharp
    Teeth Coloring: Whiteish yellow
    Eye Size: Large eyes
    Eye Coloring: Greenish brown
    Current Queen: Queen Lichen
    Alliances: EarthWings
    Special Abilities: Can blend in to anything green or brown or grey, and can adjust the hues of their scales to moss, stone, or dirt colors
    Extras: Their claws are short and blunt and leaves a ragged wound that is tough to heal and hurts a lot, breathes a poison that covers the area in a moss-like fuzz that traps the enemy and burns their skin
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    Tribe: MossWings
    Name: Juniper
    Gender: Female
    Age: 6
    Mother: Queen Lichen
    Father: Bryophyta
    Siblings: Olive, female
    Looks: A dark green with an ombre tail that goes from green to brown, brown eyes and greyish brown legs, wings are a very dark green with splotches of brown
    Other: Nothing
    Pets: None
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    Name: MagmaWings
    Scale Coloring: Black, red, orange, or yellow
    Scale Shape: Short and jagged
    Wing Coloring: Black with reddish orange
    Wing Shape: Big and oval
    Claw Coloring: Black, red, or yellow
    Claw Shape: Long and sharp
    Claw Extras: Able to make them hot enough to burn skin
    Tail Shape: Long and wide
    Head Size: Long and elegant
    Spinal Ridge Shape: Wide and covered in rectangular plates
    Spinal Ridge Coloring: Usually black, sometimes reddish-orange
    Horn Length: Long
    Horn Coloring: Usually red-hot looking
    Teeth Length: Short and sharp
    Teeth Coloring: White
    Eye Size: Large
    Eye Coloring: Red, orange, yellow or brown
    Current Queen: Queen Volcano
    Alliances: SunWings
    Special Abilities: Can breathe fire and molten lava and make their claws hot and burn skin
    Extras: When their eyes glow, it means they are about to breathe fire or lava
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    Tribe: MagmaWings
    Name: Ember
    Gender: Female
    Age: 7
    Mother: Garnet
    Father: Inferno
    Siblings: Flame, male, and Ash, Male
    Looks: Black with red between every scale and an ombre tail that goes from black to orange, yellow claws, and orange eyes
    Other: Nothing
    Pets: None
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    Okay, that's my characters and tribes done!

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