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    These are the OC tribes and their queens-

    StormWings: Queen Raincloud
    EarthWings: Queen Gravel
    MistWings: Queen Fog
    CloudWings: Queen Wind
    SunWings: Queen Sunrise
    VenomWings: Queen Mosquito
    SoulWings: Queen Clear
    MossWings: Queen Lichen
    MagmaWings: Queen Volcano
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    I'm good to start once everybody else is!
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    Are we doing a posting order? We should probably wait for Cats17
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    We probably should do no double-posting, to make things easier. Also, how about the VenomWings are allianced with the ___, idk...
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    Tribe: DarWings
    Scale Coloring: Pure black, like a shadow.
    Scale Shape: Too hard to see.
    Wing Coloring: Very dark grey
    Wing Shape: Long and wide
    Claw Coloring: Very dark grey
    Claw Shape: Long and sharp
    Claw Extras:
    Tail Shape: Long and slightly curled
    Head Size: Regular
    Spinal Ridge Shape: Long and flexible
    Spinal Ridge Coloring: Very dark grey or black
    Horn Length: Long and descriptive
    Horn Coloring: Very dark grey or black
    Teeth Length: Long sharp teeth
    Teeth Coloring: White
    Eye Size: Slightly narrowed eyes
    Eye Coloring: Green, purple, blue, or silver
    Current Queen: Queen Terror
    Alliances: VenomWings
    Special Abilities: Can turn themselves into shadows, blending in with mist and shadows. Can paralysis their victims with their teeth.
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    Tribe: DarkWings
    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 8 Years
    Appearance: Pure black with very dark purple eyes
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    Eclipse already has a brother named you wanna make our character siblings?
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    OoF sorry! His name will be Death, then! :3
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    If y'all need this-

    StormWings: Queen Raincloud |Alliances: None
    EarthWings: Queen Gravel |Alliances: None
    MistWings: Queen Fog |Alliances: CloudWings
    CloudWings: Queen Wind |Alliances: MistWings
    SunWings: Queen Sunrise |Alliances: VenomWings, MossWings
    VenomWings: Queen Mosquito |Alliances: DarkWings
    SoulWings: Queen Clear |Alliances: None
    MossWings: Queen Lichen |Alliances: EarthWings ( they think they’re allied but they aren’t)
    MagmaWings: Queen Volcano |Alliances: SunWings
    DarkWings: Queen Terror |Alliances: VenomWings
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    (VenomWings aren't allied with SunWings, anymore. Also, DarkWings can blind you with their eye-stinging white breath! :D)
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    Not breath, sorry! They're NOT stinky! O.o

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