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    I don't think Cats17 is coming.. ;-;
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    StormWings: Queen Raincloud |Alliances: None
    EarthWings: Queen Gravel |Alliances: None
    MistWings: Queen Fog |Alliances: CloudWings
    CloudWings: Queen Wind |Alliances: MistWings
    SunWings: Queen Sunrise |Alliances: MagmaWings
    VenomWings: Queen Mosquito |Alliances: DarkWings
    SoulWings: Queen Clear |Alliances: None
    MossWings: Queen Lichen |Alliances: EarthWings ( they think they’re allied but they aren’t)
    MagmaWings: Queen Volcano |Alliances: SunWings
    DarkWings: Queen Terror |Alliances: VenomWings
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    Er... Is it okie if we start...? :3
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    Maybe. Or we should just wait.))
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    (I'm nearly positive they're not coming. ;-;)
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    Okay. Then maybe we should start.))
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    (Alright! :3)
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    Light craned her neck gracefully, looking around at her surroundings. Suddenly, she heard her name being called by a familiar voice. "Light!" Queen Clear, her mother, called. She flared her wings before she set off into the air to see what her mother needed. "Yes, mother?" She asked politely. "I overheard a conversation of two young mischievous dragonets. Apparently, they had eavesdropped on some SunWing's chat. There'll be SunWings coming up here to look for CloudWings or MistWings, specifically in our territory. I need you to help me lead all the SoulWings out from this territory to find a new one, since you're one of the most mature dragonets. You're nearly a full-grown dragon, too!" Her mother gave her an affectionate nudge. Light nodded without question, then left.

    Pheonix layed in a patch of burnt moss, in a heavy sleep. "Pheonix," A voice growled. "H-huh..." She snored sleepily. "UGH, YOU LAZY VENOMWING!" She immediately leaped up, startled. "R-red!?" She realized.

    Venom picked a pear from a tree for no reason, bored. As he spotted a sloth, he threw the pear at it. The sloth jumped in surprise before snorting in frustration.

    Death climbed a tree menacingly, stalking a male MagaWing who seemed familiar.
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    I'm making another one, along with Eclipse.))

    Tribe: StormWings
    Name: Thunder
    Gender: Male
    Age: 6 years
    Appearance: blueish-gray, and other StormWing features
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    (Yay! ^ω^)
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    Juniper woke up with a jolt and sat up. All of the MossWings who'd been sleeping in the cave were gone. Juniper stood up and realized that her scales were blended into the cave floor. She sighed and adjusted them back to her normal green hues. The rest of her tribe must've woken up, thought that she was gone, and had left to find a new cave without her.

    "Mom!" she called, her voice high-pitched with worry. "Lichen? Queen?" Nobody answered her call, and she sank to the ground hopelessly. Everyone else was long gone.

    Ember stalked the small scavenger silently. She stood up, spreading out her huge wings menacingly and prepared to strike. Suddenly, she was bowled over by a screeching ball of black and orange scales. She growled and pushed it off of her.

    "Ash!" she roared angrily. "That would've fed our family for today!"
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    Death continued to watch the dragon. His scales looked like black mist, not able to see his own scales. Suddenly, the MagmaWing turned. He immediately launched into the leaves of the tree, faster than a scavenger on a horse chased by dragons.

    (I forgot to mention... DarkWings is the fastest tribe. They use their blinding fire if a dragon has seen them.)

    The MagmaWing looked up into the tree, growling. He approached it gingerly, but with a smirk on his face. Death then blew blindingly white flames for the sake of himself, slashed the dragon's eye, then flew off into the distance.
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    Eclipse got up, and looked around. She saw Light and Queen Clear talking. What's wrong? she thought, worried.

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