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  • Imagine That
  • emy's thread <3
    "Skyrim is fun :)"
  • Childe Supremacy
    "ya, I agree with what dark said. very gross situations."
  • emy's thread <3
    "my head hurts, but other than that, alright :D"
  • emy's thread <3
    "✨ elle ✨ how are you, emy?"
  • Little by Little
    "thank you :)"
  • A Motley Crew (Group RP)
    "Brooke stepped over to the railing of the boat and let out a soft breath as she took in the beautiful sight of the sea. “Wow,” she gasped. “"
  • Flame en Yon rp
    "“I’m Fillet!” he breathed, overeager. “Oops. I mean, Flame. Flame en Yon. Nice to meet you!” He stuck out his hand, a wide grin on his face."
  • RP Commentary
    "Yeah, that’s fine :)"
  • Living in a Fantasy
    "Araiwyn sighed heavily. “Okay. I can see you’re not lying,” then added under her breath, “or at least believe what you’re saying.” She adjus"
  • emy's thread <3
    "Good evening, Emy 😁"
  • Little by Little
    "Just kidding. I’ll be on the rest of today and a bit of tomorrow. The time I pop off for today, though, depends on how badly my head hurts 😔"
  • From Side to In-Between
    "Roleplay Taken From (optional): Division/Linnus Name: James Rover Gender: Male Sexuality: Gay Age: 17 Species:"

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