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    Cats17 Newbie
    Each person may have 6 tribes
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    Cats17 Newbie
    And we can have around four more people for this "book".
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    (Yay! Thank you!! :D)

    Name - SoulWings
    Scale Coloring - White and silver, like mist, fog, and silver combined
    Scale Shape - Regular, smooth, slightly pointed, and majestic
    Wing Coloring - White or gray
    Wing Shape - Long and graceful
    Claw Coloring - White, silver, or gray
    Claw Shape - Slightly curved and majestic
    Claw Extras - Their claws may seem dull, but they're sharp as razors. The claws are rarely used, though.
    Tail Shape - Long, graceful, and majestic
    Head Size - Regular
    Horn Length - Long and majestic
    Horn Coloring - White, silver, or gray
    Teeth Length - Regular but sharp
    Teeth Coloring - White
    Eye Size - Slightly narrowed, graceful, and majestic
    Eye Coloring - Blue, green, hazel, rarely purple
    Current Queen - Queen Clear
    Alliances -
    Special Abilities - They have claws like razors, and they can devour souls. They have freezing cold breath like an IceWing, but rarely use it like their claws.
    Extras - They are very rarely seen. Their eyes turn white when devouring souls.
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    (SoulWings have no alliances since they're so powerful. Dragons try to avoid them.)
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    Ooo nice!
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    (Thank you! I've had these dragons on my mind for so long... Sorry if they're all too powerful! But just to let you know, SoulWings are pure defense, unless they're very angry or hungry or thirsty, then that's where it gets out of talon! O.o)
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    *Inhales dramatically*


    *Inhales longer*

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    Cats17 Newbie
    Wow that was loooooong
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    What exactly was that for...?
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    Political rights?
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    I'm just kidding! :3


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