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    katqueen45 Senior
    We live in Tekni city. The year is 2245. A hundred and fifty years ago a German scientist named Friedrich Debrot made the first piece of technology that could read and analyze human souls. After this discovery, much progress has been made in soul technology.
    Now there are soul-weapons and soul-sensors all over earth, along with a ton of other scifi-esque technology (hover cars, hologram calling, cyborgs, etc). This would all be great, if not for the immense amount of corruption it caused. Governments have taken control of everything; they unfairly tax and terrorize people because they know no one can fight back. The police are power hungry and merciless. The gap between rich and poor has grown. The rich thrive in the inner cities, and the poor live on the outskirts with no hope of rising to the top.

    That's where we come in. We're a team of ragtag do-gooders who've rallied together and formed a rebellion. As we do more and more missions, our message starts to spread, and so does hope.

    C1: Hacker
    This character specializes in taking out security systems and hacking passwords so that the team can break into places.
    C2: Leader
    This character was the first to have the idea of the team; they're the ones who gathered everyone and thereby everyone trusts them and has them make the final calls or decisions.
    C3: Power Junky
    No one knows why this character's soul is so powerful, it pushes way past 100 percent and has a max of 250. They're like a tank, and they can take a lot of damage before they fall. Not a very good offense fighter, though.
    C4: Fighter
    This character has a background in fighting and has become an expert in their field. They're the most fit and the most agile of the team. They have the power to use their own soul as a soul weapon (doing this lowers their soul's percentage though, they only use this power move in dire situations)
    C5: Richy Rich
    This character is actually from one of the famous rich families. They lie to their folks and say that they're at a boarding school when in reality they're part of the team and is the team's main source of funding.
    (I'll add more characters if more than 4 people want to join this)

    The first mission is simple.
    Infiltrate the news broadcasting station (there is only one news broadcasting station because, as everyone knows, all of the news channels are scripted and funded by one big corporation) Upload the pre-recorded rebellion video by inserting the flash drive into the main computer. Then program a virus onto the computers to make sure we're untraceable.
    Make sure not to be seen by guards, don't let your soul drop to -18 percent, and protect C1 at all costs to make sure that they get to the computer room safely.
    Report back to base after the successful mission, or die trying.
    Viel glück.

    Character Sheet

    Extra + Rules
    ▪Here's a list of weapons, but you don't have to stick to these (anything "seele" means it affects the soul): Seeleblaster (gun), Saberseele (sword), Electrogun, Shockwhip, Tazerlazer (like an electrogun, but it has a 3 second recharge period and the blast is a little more powerful), Slingseeler (crossbow)
    ▪A person's soul starts at 100 percent, and if it goes down to negative 18 your physical body will die. You recover your soul by resting, eating, or meditating. A hit by a weapon that affects your soul gives you no physical damage, but it makes you weaker, slower, and more heartless as the percentage lessens.
    ▪When a soul becomes "stagnant" it stops increasing. This is a medical condition no doctors have a treatment for, and if a soul stagnates in the negative percentile (-17 to -1) the person becomes a sociopath who can't feel empathy or emotions. Stagnation happens when your soul decreases too much in a short amount of time and nothing is done to replenish the percentage. (This is not likely to happen to our characters, the decrease has to be a lot. Like, straight from 95 to 5. None of the legal weapons can induce that much damage though)
    ▪Rules: No one liners, no spam, no unnecessary chatter (I'll make a side thread where you can do that), no godmodding, ask before joining, the usual stuff
    ▪You can play as a cyborg, but your soul would permanently decrease to 80%, and you gotta ask me first + have a good reason. It can't just be "her arm is a seeleblaster pew pew"
    ▪Have fun okay :D
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    Eggaly Novice
    Can I join
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Sure! Which character do you wanna be? Or do you want a different one than the ones offered?
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    Eggaly Novice
    Is it ok if I take C5
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    Guardian Newbie
    Hoi can i join
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    Mused Jade Advanced
    Can I join as C1?
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    ChameleonLeap Junior
    This looks really cool 👀

    May I take C2?
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    dragonsfire Experienced
    I like this. Can I have C3?
    I've always been naturally good at defense.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Yeah, you can all join! Guardian, you didn't specify which character you wanted, so do you mind taking C4? Don't worry about me, I'll make a new character for myself
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    Guardian Newbie
    Yeah i can take c4
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Forgot to mention ages can range from 17 to mid twenties, we're basically young adults

    Name: Cassian Morado
    Character: C6
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Looks: (Not my art)
    Personality: Laidback and chill, sarcastic, snarky, mischievous, secretive, mysterious
    Weapon/s: A seeleblaster that's he's modified to do.. other things (he likes tinkering with gadgets)
    Other: C6 is former solo terrorist. He's the infamous "Hollow" who has been committing violent attacks on capital buildings and political places. Cassian has done all of this with a mask though, so no one on this new team knows about his experience in rebellious acts. Cassian is the team's builder/mechanic, he knows how to fix, modify, and make weapons.
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    Eggaly Novice
    Name: Elra soun
    Character: C5
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Looks: pink pixie cut hair with green eyes she's Indian and is 5'
    Personality: kind shy and thoughtful but she also has a side that doesn't care about anything
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    Eggaly Novice
    (I forgot I wasn't done)
    Weapon/s: Slingseeler
    Other: she's slightly delusional
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Name: Era Miskal
    Character: c4
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: bi
    Looks: im going to be drawing them latter(im my wrist feels better)
    Long black hair with white roots, pulled into a messy ponytail. Dark skin, and bright blue eyes.
    Personality: Era is mischievous, and will do his best to be a problem. He tends to forget about things quickly, but can hold a grudge for a stupidly long time
    Weapon/s: saberseele
    Other: a boy
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    I would really like to join. I know you have more people than you need but I just want to ask if AI can. If I can't, I understand but I just felt if I didn't ask, I would regret it.

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