Welcome to Silverholm Academy!

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Thread Topic: Welcome to Silverholm Academy!

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    SingerSentral Novice
    Welcome to Silverholm Academy for strange and exotic children! We teach them about where their strange powers and exotic looks come from. But, since last month, Silverholm Academy has experienced strange things. Children and teachers have been found dead on the floor of the halls. Their powers have been going crazy and out-of-control. Some children are even becoming to be a little bit...dark, as we might say. So, will you enroll in Silverholm Academy...or stay at your human school, where your powers and looks are getting you bullied?

    Character Sheet:
    Age: (can be from 5th-12th grade)
    Pets: (optional; can be stuff like dragons, unicorns, etc.)

    My character sheet:
    Name: Alexis Anderson
    Age: 14
    Grade: 8th
    Looks: silky lavender hair, bright blue curious eyes, wears the school uniform (black shirt & skirt)
    Powers: water powers; can turn into a mermaid
    Personality: mean to certain people; sassy; nice to certain people; known mostly to not be messed with; doesn't have much friends
    Fears: sharks, whales, and all land creatures
    Pet: has a pet fish who follows her around when she's in the water as a mermaid; her name is Rainbow and she is a rainbow colored fish :3

    Was this too long?
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    May I join?
  • Interested
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I'd like to join
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    Can i join?
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    katqueen45 Advanced
    Can I join? I love these kinds of school Roleplays.
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    SingerSentral Novice
    All of the people who asked can join.
  • brightfire Newbie
    Name: Enid eris
    Age: (can be from 5th-12th grade) 18
    Grade: 12th
    Looks: soft, curly hair cut into a cute hairstyle to her shoulders. Left hair is red and other half is blue. Curly bangs. Pale skin, 6'8, pink eyes. White wings protruding from her back.
    Powers: super strength, height?, green fire and flight
    Personality: ???
    Fears: water, earth, light
    Pets: (optional; can be stuff like dragons, unicorns, etc.)
    A winged eyeball named promehius the third

    She is a fictional creature I made.
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    dark shadow 99 Advanced
    Can I join?
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    SingerSentral Novice
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    katqueen45 Advanced
    Name: Drakaria "Darkia" Bryars
    Age: 9th
    Grade: 15
    Looks: Like this
    Powers: Turning invisible, summoning wings, controlling shadows and dark magic
    Personality: Very calm a quiet most of the time. Keeps her opinion to herself except when she has to speak up.
    Fears: No one seeing her/forgetting her (when she first turned invisible that really frightened her for life)
    Pets: Small shadow. In a small human shape but can fly and is completely black with red eyes. Sometimes considered the "Dark Fairy" and usually a pet for demons.
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    Name: Archaios Skotadi
    Age: 16
    Grade: 11
    Looks: click
    Powers: telekinesis(can move things with his mind) and telepathy
    Personality: shy, kind hearted, easily scared. He has a tendency to hide behind his pet(or in its feathers)
    Fears:loosing control of his powers(they tend to lash out violently) water/drowning
    Pets: this is trico. He is the size of a house, his tiny wings can growl large enough to fly with, and he can shoot lighting out of his tail.
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    SingerSentral Novice

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    but he's a sweat heart so it's ok XD although if he may start crying when he realizes he can't fit in the doors
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    SingerSentral Novice
    Aww LOL

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