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  • Rara's thread
  • Rara's thread
    "Fine, for the most part"
  • Travelers Cove
    "Welcome young traveler! You have been elected to come to the Travelers Cove! We welcome those of all origins, and all trades. You may kno..."
  • Rara's thread
    "How's you"
  • Rara's thread
    "Hello peeps"
  • Rara's thread
    "I'm eh, you?"
  • Rara's thread
    "Heyllow peeps"
  • Rise of the gods
  • Rise of the gods
  • Rise of the gods
    "Name: Runihura, meaning destroyer Gender: male Age: 27 Patheon chosen for: Egyptian God chosen by: Set Looks: "
  • Rara's thread
    "Hello peeoples"
  • Rise of the gods
    "So all that remains for characters, is me and puppet master"
  • Rara's thread
    "I seem to always go mage, even at the very beginning when it's a mix I use mostly mage"
  • Rara's thread
    "It seems so rare finding other people interested in it, what class you play?"
  • Rara's thread
    "Anyone play terraria"

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