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  • Would chara date you?
    [published: Nov 13, 2016]

    So this is a quiz about if chara would date you for me its a yes for my friend its a no so yeah let's see…

  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Jul 31, 2016]

    Well do you know me if so keep on going but no worries if you don't know me I don't know you if you know…

  • how much do you mnow about DBZ
    [published: Dec 7, 2013]

    Question everything question everything question question everything question everything question…

  • would you survkve my nightmares
    [published: Dec 7, 2013]

    Question everything everything question question everything question question everything…

  • my level up quiz
    [published: Nov 29, 2013]

    Question everything question everything question everything everything question question everything question…

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  • Overtale High
    "(take out the last sentence in Kim's part, forgot I put it there when I hit submit.)"
  • Overtale High
    "Kimberly still stood behind Calibri, not knowing what to do at that moment. She didn't know anyone. And it seemed to her that "
  • Katqueen
    "Selene slightly tilted her head to one side "What's that?" She asked not knowing what Kenyon brought back."
  • Overtale High
    "Kimberly walked with Calibri to room 207. "Hullo?" She said right behind Calibri. Not knowing many others. Skyler"
  • Overtale High
    "Since Skyler had to come with his sister to get his own room number, it seemed awkward like everyone was staring at him. But was relieved th..."
  • Overtale High
    "Skyler didn't go to sleep before the train stopped, but was tired getting off. He went to find his sister before getting off, with him being..."
  • Overtale High
    "Skyler stared out the window, admiring the scenery. The hum and rocking of the train lulling him to sleep. He wouldn't mind taking a nap whi..."
  • Omnis Means All
    "Mind if I?"
  • Overtale High
    "Kimberly was sitting still for once, next to her cousin Calibri, although would one really consider her to be sitting. She was asleep. This ..."
  • Overtale High
    "I'm ready, I don't need anymore characters and I'm good with what I do have"
  • Katqueen
    ""Blankets?.." Selene said under her breath as to he could not hear. Once he had left the room she eyed different things in this strange room..."
  • Advice please?
    "Ok, fair enough. Thank you"
  • Overtale High
    "Name: Kimberly (prefers just Kim) Age: 16 Gender: female Sexuality: straight Species: human/skeleton Appearanc"
  • Overtale High
    "School: http://u.cubeupload.com/Azure/Screenshot2018111113.p..."
  • Overtale High
    "Appearance: http://i.pinimg.com/origina..."

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