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  • Would chara date you?
    [published: Nov 13, 2016, 1 comment]

    So this is a quiz about if chara would date you for me its a yes for my friend its a no so yeah let's see…

  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Jul 31, 2016, 2 comments]

    Well do you know me if so keep on going but no worries if you don't know me I don't know you if you know…

  • would you survkve my nightmares
    [published: Dec 7, 2013, 1 comment]

    Question everything everything question question everything question question everything…

  • my level up quiz
    [published: Nov 29, 2013, 3 comments]

    Question everything question everything question everything everything question question everything question…

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  • Katqueen45
    "Distar didnt even realize she was staring so badly until the strange person's words snapped her back to reality. Causing her to softly blush..."
  • Katqueen45
    "Distar continued to star at this strange person.is that person a demon? No, i know everyone in this kingdom, never met someone like this...."
  • Katqueen45
    "Distar flew above the demon kingdom, which on map or within seem huge. But when soaring above seemes quite small compared to others. Blaze w..."
  • Katqueen45
    "Ok. Go ahead and start"
  • Katqueen45
    "I should probably make a short backstory, right?"
  • Katqueen45
    "You wanna start?"
  • Katqueen45
    "Up to you"
  • Katqueen45
    "Name: Distar (like disaster, but without as) Role: C1 Species: demon Age: actual age 3,300. Appearence age roughly 33"
  • Katqueen45
    "Character sheet?"
  • Katqueen45
    "I like it"
  • Katqueen45
  • "Im able to move my pinkie without any other finger moving"
  • Katqueen45
    "I prefer fantasy, but i can go with anything"
  • Katqueen45
    "Only problem is, i dont got a plot"
  • Katqueen45
    "But wanna roleplay?"

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