Would chara date you?

So this is a quiz about if chara would date you for me its a yes for my friend its a no so yeah let's see what you will get go on take it please now please

OK don't judge me but I love chara she is my favorite character of all undertale even if she is evil I font chare she is my favorite of any game so just don't judge me

Created by: dark shadow 99
  1. I will let chara take over Chara: do love chocolate?
  2. Chara: favorite weapon?
  3. Chara: would you go out on a second date? Me:*whispers under my breath* I will kill you if you say yes
  4. Chara: take a chill pill Me: never Chara:fav undertale character?
  5. Me:*gets ready to kill quiz taker* Chara:fav soul?
  6. Me:*leaps at quiz taker with knife in hand* Chara:*catches dark shadow* fav defense?
  7. Me:*struggles to let chara let go of me* Chara:fav food?
  8. Me:*whispers something in charas ear* Chara: oh yeah. What would you say if I asked you out on a second date?
  9. Chara:no more questions
  10. Me:yeah Chara:really?

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