my friends and me

you all are my friends.thanks for taking you a lot.miss you a lot. bye. o,you are too cool.see you in forum.bye.123, all are cool.abcdefgh

i have a question.why in keyboard,always u and i together? a b c d e f g h i t y r m o o n 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 W q.thanks for taking you.bye

Created by: Donotdisturb

  1. who are my newest friends?
  2. my bestfriends are?
  3. countrygurl is?
  4. Avenger16 is a girl.her profile pic is _ cool in my opinion
  5. how many friends i have in here?
  6. my another name is?
  7. kish is?
  8. danny is?
  9. bananabread is a?
  10. i am so _

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